Globe theater Edward ,Mr Forhane,Period 4 The globe is a theater that hosted lots of intertaining things includes actors plays and the audience.


Qoute 1:"During Shakespeare's life, there was not much in terms of scenery or lighting, actors often played numerous roles, and a young boy would play the female-lead role."(History reference center)

At the time it seemed that they didn't allow females to join in the play. So they would use a little boy instead of women.The actors were all males so if there was a female role in the play then it would be played as a boy who's voice hasn't dropped yet.

Quote 2:"he combination of several factors suggests that it was the element of femininity, both artificial and somewhat exaggerated, in performance, that made watching boy actors in the roles of young maidens so pleasurable for spectators."(Low,Jennifer)

They would use boys so it would be more amusing to the audience and/or more entertaining.

Quote 3:"Plays were originally performed by the all-male medieval trade guilds,so all woman's parts were played by boys."(Austin, Holt, Rinehart & Winston)

All plays that were performed used male actors even if they are female animal or anything.


Quote 1:"Henry V is a five-act historical play by the English dramatist William Shakespeare. Its full title is King Henry V. It was written and performed in 1599, possibly the first Shakespeare play staged at the Globe Theater, owned by Shakespeare and his acting company, in the Southwark borough of London."(Seidel, Michael)

First play in the Globe theater was made by Shakespeare.It was a five act historical play.This lets me know the type of plays they perform in the globe theater. I wonder how long the play takes to perform. I also wonder how long of a break the actors got between scenes or acts.

Quote 2:" But costumes were often elaborate, and the stage might have been hung with colorful banners and trappings."(Austin, Holt, Rinehart & Winston)

Costumes helped out a lot with telling what the scenery was.Tells how people understood the scenery

Quote 3:"The plays were performed in the afternoon.Since the stage was open to the sky,there was no need for stage lighting.There were very few sets( Scenery,furniture, and so on)."(Austin, Holt, Rinehart & Winston)

This tells me that for the plays they didn't really use props but instead they used emotion and/or feeling.this helps me understand how the plays were like to the audience and tells me it wasn't really a visual


Quote 1:"Globe Theatre came a cross section of London society, ranging from apprentices skipping work to members of the nobility passing the time. But most of the Globe’s audience consisted of prosperous citizens, such as merchants, craftworkers, and their wives, and members of the upper class. The theaters of London were an attraction, and visitors to the city were often part of the audience.(Anderson,Robert)"

The plays Shakespeare held in the globe was for anybody and everybody. Anybody from Nobility to people without employment.This explains to me the type of audience the globe would usually hold when a play is being performed. This also tells me that the Globe was a public theater.

Quote 2:"The Globe was round or polygonal on the outside and probably round on the inside. The theater may have held as many as 3,000 spectators."(Seidel, Michael)

The globe was a round theater so you can have different angles of the play.

Quote 3:"Audience behavior and response is scaffolded by the social conventions and etiquettes of theater going as well as the physical organizing principles of the theater's architecture"(WOODS, PENELOPE)

The crowd responds to the play based on where they sit. They may also have like a part to the play to make it more fun.


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