A matter of Atmosphere by Marleena Garris

I interviewed my neighbor, Mr. Melly (Called Mr. M for short) and his wife. Both individuals are from Kenya, a country in Africa.

I primarily interview Mr. M, who said that he lived in Kenya for 18 years. Instead of a neighborhood, he lived in a village with his family.

"I moved to the United States in order to go to college."

Mr. M also shared that he came to UTA--University Of Texas at Arlington

Mrs. M also added that she lived in the urban part of Kenya, while her husband lived in a more rural area.

She told me, "there's nothing quite like the opportunity of a free education in America, and the education system is something we jumped towards."

Mr. M told me that he lived in a standard brick house, but that in his area, neighbors were miles away.

"No cars. Only walking was your transportation."

Mr. M told me that a big challenge when, moving to the U.S. was the extreme change in the environment. He feels that his physical home is more or less the same way, no major changes.

There was no hesitation, when I asked the family which holiday meant the most in their country.

Both Mr. amd Mrs. M interrupted me with:

CHRISTMAS. Hands down.

What does the family really miss about Kenya?

Mrs. M says:

"The lack of polluted air. The air in Kenya is fresh, clear. None of this gas or smog in the air."

Mr. M said:

"The summers, you'd be surprised, aren't NEARLY as hot as what I've seen and lived through in a Texas. Not where I lived."

Overall, this family has made it clear that Texas is a nice place, and that the U.S. Is a pull for education, but there's no place like home.

Created By
Marleena Garris


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