Journey Log 9 triciajorda16-metacognition&engagement

Preparing for Presentation

This week I have to present on raid seven, I'm pretty sure that's the one, so I have been preparing and practicing for that. I wrote about deciding to draw the structure rather than using Minecraft, which had a reverse result from what I had originally thought. I had thought that drawing the structure would save me time as opposed to trying to build it, however I think it took me longer. The reason for this, after thinking a long time on my process and where it went wrong, was because I actually put more effort in. If I had done the project in Minecraft like originally assigned, I would have gotten frustrated and finished as quickly as possible. Yes, drawing the structure was frustrating for many reasons. However it wasn't so unbearable that my first thought was to quit. I just took a break and came back to it later. I was engaged in the project. I watched Netflix while I drew the Colosseum which made the whole project more enjoyable and less like a chore.

From here I realized what I've been doing wrong in this class all semester. I have talked previously about needing to be more open to the activities in this class, and I think I have finally found what my problem is. My first thought with things like Minecraft when I get frustrated is to either quit, or figure out the quickest path to completing the assignment with the bare necessities.

What I need to be changing is my immediate reactions to frustrations. I should be approaching these projects in the same way I approached drawing the structure: step away and come back at a later time with a fresher mind. After realizing this I began to put this into practice with the other raid that involves Minecraft, building the sanctuary. I did it in pieces. First I built the structure. The next day I went back to add details. Finally I figured out how to film the video. This process helped me so much and really made the project actually look like I put in some effort.

Raid Seven

That being said, there are many things about my drawing of the structure that I see as failures. For example, I really really wish I hadn't colored the picture. I thought leaving it in black and white would look unfinished and like I hadn't put in effort. However the colors came out incredibly wrong and different from what I had envisioned. I also didn't take as much time as I should have, so I think it is sloppy looking. Although this was the first time I've uploaded videos to Youtube and I was pretty impressed that I could figure it out.

What I Have Learned

I feel like I have constantly written this semester about knowing I need to be more open or engaged, and not knowing how to fix that. From these past few projects, by doing a mix of alternative assignments as well as Minecraft, I feel that I have learned how to begin adjusting my behaviors. This has helped me begin to make that transition, and I feel that ultimately this lesson will make my life a whole lot better. Last journey log I discussed how to make your life more positive and productive based on our attitudes and habits. I believe the lesson I have learned in this past week will help push me in the right direction. Taking a break when getting frustrated is beneficial in pretty much all situations: it is a strategy that helps clear our heads, and allows us to come back at another time, refreshed and ready to accomplish the assignment.

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