Message from the Head Master Friday, 20 March

Friday, 20 March 2020

To all members of the school community

As we enter a new phase, I would like to once again pass on our thoughts and love to the entire school community. Today marks a very poignant time for schools across the country as places central to local communities and the lives of children and their families temporarily close. As I said in my earlier communications this week, the extraordinary strength of our school community will prevail over the coming weeks and we will continue to do everything we can to provide a continuity of education for the girls and boys of St George's. I am immensely proud of the determination of my colleagues to prepare for our shift to 'remote learning', and from Monday morning they will be working hard to replicate as much of the St George's experience as they can. Furthermore, we are determined to go to whatever lengths we possibly can to creatively bring the community together.

Next week is something of a test run for us, and we very much hope our various online platforms will work well. Work will be uploaded each day and we will be on hand to support and answer questions over the next three days. As I said earlier, there are bound to be 'teething problems', as we begin this imperfect journey together, but please be rest assured we have the determination, commitment and desire to do everything we can to support you all at this time. We also understand that the next few weeks will be a challenge for many families and you will be juggling commitments, sharing of computers and the balance between family time and work.

A dedicated section of the school website has been set up to post whole-school documents and videos. The first one to be loaded will be a 'whole school assembly message' from me, ready to watch from 9.00am on Monday morning. Please do click on the following link to access this site (found on stgwindsor.org).

Finally, it has been a terrific term and you can all be immensely proud of your children. They have been first rate in all that they have achieved in so many areas. As we now adapt to a different way of living, I know your sons and daughters will be a great tonic in these times, and my team and I send you every good wish.

I finished my assembly this morning showing this clip. Whilst we are dominated by a contagious virus at present, the same can be said for kindness, and I know we will all be touched by the kindness and humility of everyone in the coming weeks.

With very best wishes,

William and Catherine Goldsmith