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Canada was not always cooperative with all countries before. in fact, Canada took along route to become what it is today. the treaty of paris, the EXPULSION of the ACADIANS and the American revolution are only a few events that took place in Canada, AKA New France.

EXPULSION of Acadians


The Acadians were French speaking colonists who were forced out of their settlement by the British king, and his subjects. The French had signed a treaty with the British, allowing Acadians to settle in New France. However, the British felt that the Acadians were a threat to the British. They thought the Acadians were going to attack them, because they didn't accept loyalty to the British king.

The Acadians had houses and farms burnt down, separated fromt the family, and were drowned, or starved to death when they tried to escape. when they succeeded, they were either taking refuge at french or first nation camps. Unlike most events, the Acadians were never heard from again.

American reveloution


The American revolution had begun.The New American chief wanted French colonists to battle against Britain. The Nova Scotia and the Quebec colonists did not want to battle, because they either had ties with Britain. They had attacked both Montreal and Quebec city. The missions both failed, because their chiefs both died. This event is significant to Canada. (New France) it reminds us of how the Americans became friend with the British. This event is very significant.

The treaty of paris


After the American Revolution, The British wanted to keep the Americans as close friends. The new chief of America had lost both ¨cities¨ (Montreal and Quebec city) They wanted to acknowledge their friendship by giving them rights to fish, own part of the four great lakes and let Americans settle in Britain. They hoped this would please Americans and prevent future wars and conflict in the future. This reminds us of the honour the British showed to the Americans, and will forever stay in our hearts.


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