Infographics Jorge santiago

Week 1 - Mood Board

​Took me a while, but here it is. :)

Zelda Link's Awakening Mood Board

This is the second mood board I've ever built. This one was actually a lot more fun and definitely more focused than my first one.

I ended up doing a clipping mask and a color swatch to manipulate my colors. Not a huge fan of my "wheel", but I get the idea. The font is a free font called Urban Jungle Demo.

Very excited to make the final infographic.

Week 2 - Infographic

Link's Awakening Infographic

​This was without a doubt my favorite assignment in a while. I had a good idea from the beginning, but it definitely evolved and changed more than I thought it would.

Original plan was to make a Versus/Comparison layout of 2 Zelda games. The original 1998 and 2019 version of Link's Awakening. I forgot there isn't much data on the actual comparisons, so I ended up making a basic timeline chart showcasing the different game releases.

The video tutorial was very helpful, as were some of the external links to building infographics. I was unable to use all the mood board colors in the final infographic. Instead, I focused on 3 existing colors.

My favorite add on was the ​RPG-Awesome glyphs I downloaded for creating the game icons.

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