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What makes a good citizen?

A good citizen should be considerate of others and do their responsibilities. A good citizen should also pay their taxes because it is a responsibility that is illegal not to follow. Also during an election a good citizen should vote because it is not good not to vote. They should also use the freedom of speech right and speak up for what they think is right. Also a good thing a citizen can do is protect public property for it is a responsibility for the citizens of America. That is what a good citizen should do!

What is goverment and why is it necessary

Government is needed because without it our country could go into complete anarchy and cause problems. An example of this is a country Roy with no laws to stop anyone from doing anything bad. Also citizens could be treated unfairly because there is now law to stop the so they could lose their rights which the government gave them. Some citizens wouldn't take care of their responsibilities which could cause more problems. Also without there being any leaders there wouldn't be anyone to protect them. In conclusion a country could be dangerous without goverment.


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