Save Our Education Toolkit for Save the Children's #SaveOurEducation campaign


Introduction to the campaign

In support of our organisational ambition to consolidate our global efforts in response to COVID-19, we have launched our global campaign – Save Our Education.

Together, we’re calling for a global education emergency plan that ensures:

  • All children continue to learn while schools are closed through inclusive distance learning
  • Every child is supported to return to school when it’s safe to do so
  • Governments and donors invest in education now so we can build better education systems for the future

This toolkit provides advocacy, campaigns, communications and media content for Save our Education.

Kirsty Harrod is the focal point for member offices. If you are in a country office, contact your regional campaign manager for more information.

Flagship Report

Our agenda-setting report was launched on 13th July. The report:

  • Makes the case for investing in ECCD and education, inclusive of “wraparound” services such as health, WASH and MHPSS, as part of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Sets out how national governments need to respond, drawing on our programmatic evidence of what works and what is scalable, with a particular focus on groups of marginalized children most at risk to not returning.
  • Provides clear and costed recommendations for donors and other global actors that provides us and partners with a framework for advocacy over the next 3 – 6 months.




Digital Hangouts

As part of our COVID-19 global campaigning and advocacy, we are supporting children to campaign and influence change at local, national and international levels. Children’s campaigning will be framed around the concept of ‘Tell My Leader’, in which we will support children to articulate their recommendations and demands related to COVID-19 with leaders at local, national and international levels in 'digital hangouts'.

If you have any questions on Child Campaigning or to get involved in the Digital Hangouts, please contact Beckie Shuker.

Draw Your Future

The Draw Your Future activity is a child-led mobilisation action in which children can tell us and their leaders what their dream future is by drawing it in the style of a comic strip. Guidance is coming soon - please contact Kirsty Harrod for more information.