Photography by Matthew Snyder

Why I chose to research Photographer - I chose this because I love taking pictures and videos. I like finding beauty in everything and capturing it in photos. I enjoy going for walks in the woods and finding things to take pictures of them. Photography really interests me and filming as well because they relate a lot.

Nature of Work - Photographers take pictures of people, places, and things in a variety of settings. They take pictures using digital and film camera with artificial and/or natural lighting.

Working Conditions - Photographers can work anywhere. They can work for parties, weddings, in nature, or anywhere! It all depends on where you're hired unless you run your own company and decide where you want to work.

Appropriate Attire - The normal attire is casual. You can wear jeans and a hoodie if you want. Photographers should dress comfy unlike suits and dresses. Normally they would wear jeans or leggings and T-Shirts and sweatshirts.

Training/Preparation/Qualifications Needed - You don't need to have any formal qualifications, but you need to be creative. You need to know when a good picture would be and have a good eye, meaning you can see picture what a good photograph would be and how to take it. You also have to have a good imagination along with some technical skills about photography.

Earnings Opportunities - The range for photographers annually is between $20,000-$65,000. The top ten percent make $65,000+ annually. The amount you make depends on your professionalism.

Opportunities for Advancement - You cannot really advance in photography except for the amount of money you make. The more experience you gather and learn, the more money you will be able to make.

Related Occupations That Could Be Considered - Filming is much like photography, except it's motion not still. Such as movie making, news filming, short films, etc.

I feel like this career is accurate for me because I like taking pictures and capturing moments. I also like dressing casual so that would be a good thing for me, along with working anywhere. I really like nature so I would hope to take pictures of nature.

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