Smog in China By Benjamin Barnett

Smog in China has become a serious problem. The pollution often blankets Beijing and forces people to face masks. It has caused panic in farmers, civilians, schools, and many more inhabitants of the middle east. The smog has become so bad it has begun to travel across the ocean to the United States. The pollution becomes exponentially worse in the winter due to the high electricity demand. Most of the power in China is produced by coal burning facilities which throw plumes of smoke into the air. The smoke just adds to the cloud of smog that engulfs the country.

But, why should this concern us? We are all the way across the ocean, right? Since the cloud of pollution formed by China has gotten so bad, it has begun to settle into the pacific ocean near Hawaii. The toxic chemicals are ingested by fish while they feed; they are caught and shipped to the mainland where they are enjoyed by many. Few of the people who eat these fish, however, know about the mercury content that is inside them. the mercury is very dangerous to humans and is a serious health concern.

China's smog is not getting better. The residents of Beijing started the new year with pollution levels 24 times higher than those recommended by the World Health Organization. Even the citizens of Beijing have had enough. Tens of thousands of "smog refugees" have resorted to cleaner air in places like Australia, Japan, and Indonesia. It isn't just Beijing, though. Almost all large cities in China experience the smog blankets due to the polluting businesses that worsen the problem every day. If we don't do something to stop this issue, it will never get better.


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