Rockin' Scientist Group: Aiden, Layla, jack and aaron

Testable Question: Will the water cool faster by putting ice in it or putting it in the fridge?

Research: When the molecules move around the ice collects energy when you put ice in a cup. That's when the molecules starts going faster, the ice absorbs heat from the water.

Hypothesis: We think that the water will cool faster by putting the water in the fridge.

Materials: Ice cubes, 4 cups, fridge, thermometer, water.

Procedure: Step 1: get four cups of water step 2: put two in the fridge and put ice cubs in two. step 3: put a timer on for 10 min. last step: after the 5 minutes is up put a themometer in all four and see which one is the coldest.

Experiment data:

variables, and constants: The variable was that we had two cups in the fridge and two cups with ice cubes in them. The constant was that we were cooling all four of them.

Conclusion:Our group was trying to find out what would cool water the fastest.We wanted to see which one would work so we put ice in one and put one in the fridge.The one that got the coldest was the one that we put in the fridge.


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