Energy What is Alternative Energy?

What is alternative energy? Well, alternative energy is ways found to create electricity by keeping the Earth and land clean. Even though fossil fuels have been used for years and years, they have still been polluting and damaging the Earth. Eventually, they will run out so people are researching ways to create electricity without harming the Earth. Some ways that are used are wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass or biofuels.


Wind energy is created by the movement of air turning turbines which creates energy in a generator that provides electricity for homes. It is a clean source of energy that doesn't pollute the Earth. Although some birds and bats fly into the turbines, wind energy is a good source of clean energy away from fossil fuels. There are many fields full of windmills but, they are also on the ocean. But, they aren't put on the ocean to look cool, they are built there because there is a lot of wind out on the ocean. So it is a great place to put wind turbines. So, lots of energy is made out there.

Field of wind Turbines creating energy for homes

Biofuels/Biomass Energy

Biomass or Biofuels is another alternative energy that is clean. It takes grown crops to create it. It uses our food sources but, it still keeps the Earth clean and doesn't pollute it. People mostly use wood to create biomass/biofuels. But, lots of people use food to create it.

Corn not only for food, but also for biomass/biofuels.
Wood ready to be used to make Biomass/biofuels.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is energy collected from the sun. Solar panels are put on roofs, mini solar panels laid on the front lawn of your house, and there are huge solar panel fields that collect sunlight too. The collect as much sunlight as they can each day. And when its not sunny or night or even during the day, they use the sunlight that has been already collected to make electricity in your house, stores, or buildings.

Solar panels collecting the suns energy

Hydroelectric/Hydropower Energy

Hydroelectric or Hydropower is energy is energy made my moving waters in rivers or creeks. There are Hydroelectric dams and power plants. Most of the dams are harming fish species so they are making power plants that do create Hydroelectric energy but, they make it so fish don't get harmed.

A Hydroelectric dam letting lots of water flow through crating energy

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy is steam blown out of the Earth and people have created boxes and tubes were the steam is made, then the steam travels through the tubes and through a generator creating energy for houses, buildings, or stores.

Geothermal Energy blowing out of a hole

In the future, clean energy, just sitting in farm fields you pass on the road,

Or blowing out of Earth in the mountains or plains,

Or seeing the wind blow around a turbine to help the lights turn on and the air conditioning to work,

Or solar panel fields on the side of a road, just sitting there, collecting energy from the sun,

Or giant tubes moving water from spot to another, creating energy.

Thank you

Thank you for reading about Alternative Energy, and I hope you find a liking to learning about Alternative Energy or creating your own way of making Alternative energy's.

-Kyra <3


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