Spark page/mini project Jaime Snyder

Dorothea Dix/Connor Edwards

Dorothea Dix was a nurse for the Union group. She was super intendant of her job for most nurses. I made a connection with this person because as her job, she decided to help people in need. She also was against people being sexist over girls being nurses. She was also mad that girls couldn't vote, and can't do the things all men can do.

Robert E. Lee/ James Lee

Robert E. Lee was born Vancouver in January 18th, 1807. He was a great motivational speaker for others. I can connect with this historical figure because he was a general, which I would like to be. He was apart of the confederate group.

Robert E. Lee/ Ryan Hamel

Robert E. Lee was a general for the civil war. He got started going to West Point Military Academy at age 18. One of his quotes I could relate to and like is," The education of a man is never completed until he dies".

Susie King Taylor/ Sanaa Smith

Susie King Taylor was born into slavery. She knew the importance of education just like me. The Union army captured her to become a Union nurse. She was the first black union nurse.


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