My ideal career Nurse

Why I want to be a nurse- I want to be a nurse because I want to care for other who are sick and in need of support in all sectors of the community.

The job family for the job I want to be (nurse) is may be the kind of person who enjoys helping or caring for others.In a team project you will want everyone to get along well and stop arguing.


Skills to be a nurse

Communication skills-you need to be able to communicate with your patients and with the other nurses. Listen skills-you need to be able to have listen skills so you understand what is wrong with the patient or if your being told what you have to do for the patient. Concentrating skills.- you need to be able to concentrate like if your doing something on a patient you need to concentrate and not get destricted. Confidence-you need to have confidence to talk to people about personal stuff.


Subjects needed

Science-you need science for working with chemicals and medicine. English-for your talking skills and for when you maybe have to write a letter for your patient. Maths- for when your counting tablets for your patients.


Qualifications needed

5 GCSE grades A-C A-level health and social care A-level applied science A-level sociology.

University which I would study

I would go to study in queens university Belfast because it has good reputation and is close to home very high success education.

Queens university Belfast

What you have to do on the job

Care for people who are sick physically and mentally sick monitoring them and giving them medications also supply support to there family's when needed.


Typical hours worked

40 hours per week


How much you can earn

You can earn £2600 per year


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