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On weekdays, I used streaming services to watch T.V. more than on weekends because live events happen mostly on weekends. I listen to music mostly in two places: my bedroom while playing FIFA or in my truck. Social media usage is usually sporadic throughout the day, but it did spike some because I live Tweeted VSU Basketball on Tuesday.
iPhone Apps include Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Nielsen defines iPhone video such as YouTube and mobile streaming as a different entity.
Because there's such a large difference in the amount of time I spent using my iPhone, let's look deeper into what I was actually doing on the phone.
Note: Spotify use also signifies all my music consumption.
Let's look at the media I consumed by time of day.
Me vs. The Average Human Age 18-24
While the average 18-24 year old only uses apps on their phone for around five hours per week, I used my iPhone for around 18 hours in five days. I also watch a lot less live TV, and I never listened to the radio while most people in my age group listen to more than 10 hours a week. Nielsen doesn't really account for how long people use Smart TVs, and I use mine a lot.
Nielsen defines a Smart TV as a TV that is enabled and capable of accessing the internet. They call Rokus, Apple TVs and other similar devices "Multimedia Devices." A Smart TV is essentially a TV with a built in Multimedia Device.
In 2016 Q1, only 23 % of people had a Smart TV, only 44% had a video game console and only 50% have Video on Demand (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). I have all of these (three VOD). Also, 50% have a DVR and 58% have a tablet. I have neither of these. 77% of people have a DVD/Blu-Ray Player. I do too, but can't remember the last time I used it.
The average time spent consuming media in a day for 2016 Q1 is 10 hours and 39 minutes. On average, I spent around 8 hours. However, I only kept track from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. I consumed around 3 hours more a day. I am close to normal or maybe a little above for average time spent consuming media.
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