Health & Welfare Jaylen G, Alex G, Richard G & Noor A

Food Stamp Act

Food Stamp Act 1964 : It was a distribution of agricultural surplus to poor individuals. They could use "stamps" to exchange for food at grocery stores

Effects: It provided for the poor. Grocery stores were able to have an economic boost

Today this act is still relevant because of the many people that are still using it.

Medicare Act

Medicare Act 1965: This provided health insurance for individuals 65 and over. As well as for the disabled

Effects: The majority of Americans recieved private health insurance through their employers.

Today it is still relevant because there is over more than 56 million Americans enrolled in it

National School Lunch Act

National School Lunch Act 1968: This act was a safeguard for the well-being of the nations children

Effects: It provided low-cost or free school lunches meals to qualified students

Today this is still relevant because many children benefit from this and still are able to recieve free or reduced lunches

Child Nutrition Act

Child Nutrition Act 1966: It was used to help meet the nutritional need of children

Effect: It provided good nutritional meals for many children throughout America and is helping fight obesity

Yes it is still relevant today because it gives over 30 million children healthy food every school day

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