Florida Museum of Natural History Jackie Kahn

"Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life & Land"

Nature on Display: The "Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life & Land" Exhibit was particularly appealing to me because it highlighted various species of animals that were extinct. The design of the exhibit was very appealing because there were different sizes of fossils given different height dimensions as well as fossils hanging overhead. There were many elements to look at and I enjoyed observing everything. I liked how the beginning of the exhibit showed different fossils of shark jaws showing the different types and sizes of sharks. That caught my attention and made me go into the exhibit to explore what other fossils there were to be seen. This showed me what our world was once like and some of the creatures that once roamed the earth. I would not have been able to see it other than going to the exhibit at the museum. It is more impressive to see in person rather than to see online or in a picture as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the museum and the various exhibits and different cultures that were to be seen.

Butterfly Rainforest

Nature and Ethics: Leopold recommends to "love, respect and admire" the land. The Butterfly Rainforest allowed me to immerse myself into the world of butterflies to experience their habitat. This was my favorite exhibit in the museum because it was interactive and unpredictable until you actually travel through the exhibit. I saw many butterflies of all different colors as well as colorful and various plants. Other people that were in the Butterfly Rainforest also enjoyed this exhibit to see all the different butterflies and creatures that lived in it. Most of the butterflies that I saw were on one tree all gripping onto the leaves. The Natural History Museum allowed visitors to take a glimpse and learn about butterflies by entertaining them with this exhibit. This experience made me realize how human nature directly affects the lives of other creatures such as the butterflies and it is up to us to make sure their habitats are safe and beneficial to their species.

"South Florida People and Environments", House of a Calusa Leader

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by showing us the ways of the past. The "South Florida People and Environments" exhibit directly shows visitors that the way people lived in the past, such as the Calusa Indians, was a different way of life then today's day. By learning about our past, we are able to understand our present, and work better to improve our future. It helps us understand the mysteries of our world that archeologists and anthropologists study every day.

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