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Have you ever heard the phrase, “seeing the world through rose colored lenses?” It means to be optimistic or to have a cheerful outlook on life. A worldview is much like that.

A worldview is the lense of truth through which you see the world. It colors your perspective of reality.

Everyone has a worldview. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not.

All worldviews ask the same basic questions. How would you answer these?


How did everything begin?

Everyone, even prominent atheists, believe the universe has a beginning - an origin.


Why is everything here?

This is the big question - why? Purpose. Why does anything exist at all?


How should we live?

What’s good? What’s bad? What’s right? What’s wrong?


Where does this life lead?

There is a statistic out there. 1 out of every 1 person dies. But what happens then?

Christianity has compelling answers to these questions.

Since every worldview asks these questions, they provide a link for conversation with those who are not Christians.

And a powerful way to share your faith with others.

Christian Campus Fellowship is sponsoring Vincennes Apologetics to do a small group study.

Where to Start: Learning to Share Your Faith with Others.

Join us Wednesdays @ 5pm

Christian Campus Fellowship

102 E Lyndale Ave, Vincennes, IN

Where to Start: Learning to Share Your Faith with Others was produced by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Harvest Bible Fellowship.

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