Urban Legends By: Max And spencer

In the late 1900s, a women and her six year old daughter were accused of witchcraft. The townsfolk decided that they were guilty and burned them at the stake. The townsfolk feared they would be in trouble for their decision and that the spirit would come back from the dead. They denied to put the child's body in a coffin lined with steel cage and filled it with cement and gravel instead of dirt. Many locals report that they have seen footprints in the gravel and the cement seems to have been pushed outward from a strong force. Local residents are fearful of this place because the child can supposedly pull people down into the grave.

Around the 1850s, a man was caught taking farmers cattle and other animals. When people would catch him, he would drop the animals which he was carrying off the ground and suddenly sprint into the darkness of the woods. The farmers described the man to be covered in gray and light brown fur and at least 7 feet tall. The man came to be called the wolf man. It came to be called the wolf man because he was covered in hair and resembled a wolf.

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