From the Headmaster:

It was a pleasure to welcome you all back to the start of the Spring Term on Monday. Everyone looked very refreshed and ready for what promises to be a very busy and enjoyable term. Fingers crossed the weather will continue being generous.

I am hoping that you will already have downloaded the many events and dates from the calendar on our website. It is also worth reading through the full Deerstalker this week to ensure that your appetite is whetted with the various events planned for you all.

I am delighted to welcome several new families to our school, I trust you have been made to very much part of our school family and that you will be joining us for the social on 1st February.

Do read on and learn more about the last seven days and also to hear more about our new PSHE curriculum.

Yours sincerely,


PS - May I direct you to the news from Year 4 and 5, most entertaining..

There are also some wonderful images from our Little Adventurers available through their own instagram page -

Please note: the school council expressed (very clearly!) that they found the school water bottles to be unsuitable (leaking over homework and desktops) and that they prefer to be allowed to bring in their own bottles.

Please note: If your children arrive late to school, please ensure you visit the school office to sign them in. This is for safeguarding purposes and is a requirement for schools. (Some of the reasons provided have been refreshingly honest...!)

Events and Calendar

I would like to draw your attention to two three particular events in the coming weeks. We have an open morning/open classroom on Tuesday morning for those of you with children in Second Steps and First Steps who are moving up to Reception in the coming year(s). You are most welcome to observe our current Reception class in action and then to speak with both myself and Mrs Gibbons about the curriculum and breadth of curriculum and opportunities that they enjoy. I would also like to draw your attention to a Science workshop with Mr Stevenson on Wednesday 23rd January that will be highly entertaining and enjoyable-you will need a white lab coat! (we can provide you with one.)

Finally, our first parent social of the year will be, appropriately, on Friday 1st February. We felt that this year we will make it slightly less formal and allow Chef Leon to dream up a variety of delicacies, with a variety of refreshments provided so that we can simply enjoy a relaxed evening in good company. An invite will be sent on Monday with an rsvp so Leon can start his planning! If you have a favourite tipple, please let me know and I will endeavour to source your favourite sauce...(sorry)

Adventure School

A very busy term ahead with our Adventure School. Year 2 children will be acquiring the skills required to make their own shelter using tarpaulin including the correct knots (tarp taut hitch anyone?) before going on to learn how to use a Trangia stove to cook a meal outdoors.

Year 3, 4 and 5 children are extending their culinary skills by planning and making a three course meal on the Trangia stove, preparing a route card for an upcoming expedition and also leaning bike maintenance basics. We have also acquired a number of mountain bikes ready to test handling skills in advance of our first round of bike packing expeditions.

As I explained to the children, we will be outside regardless of weather; do please ensure that your children have their bags packed with the appropriate clothing - no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing...


A busy week for our footballers with fixtures for various age groups against Westbury House.

Assembly - Dare to dream...

We have introduced a new Personal, Social and Health curriculum which the children will be enjoying. This first half term sees the whole school looking at aspirations and dreams. Judging by the assembly on Thursday, we have some highly aspirational children, parents and children!

We decided that all of our dreams and ambitions generally feature two elements - something to challenge us and something that brings joy to those around us. So watch out; we have several astronauts due to reach for the stars in the coming years; some film composers and an ambitious shed builder. Whatever it may be, dare to dream.

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” T.E. Lawrence

News from Year 5 and Year 4

Our dreams and goals for the future have been a big focus as we started the new year with a positive and productive week, that also ended in a few different types of goals.

If Year Four and Five pupils’ dreams and goals were to be able to: create spooky story ideas; use adverbials effectively in sentences; multiply 1-2 digit numbers by multiples of 10 100 and 1000; develop football tactics; learn about the Bayeux tapestry, then their dreams may have come true. Throughout the next few weeks we will be learning about jobs and futures and identifying ways we can achieve our goals to fulfil our dreams.

We have been impressed with Year Four and Five’s attitude as on Monday morning they made an instant start on reading and identifying features from short stories from Kevin Crossley-Holland’s book, ‘Short!’. These stories have been great inspiration for pupils, particularly the spooky stories ending in cliffhangers with plot twists, which have influenced many exciting story plans. We aim to write up our stories next week employing rich descriptive language using adverbials and effective structure and composition.

In Maths pupils have been finding effective ways to multiply 1 or 2 digit numbers by multiples of 10s 100s and 1000s. This will aid them when they use methods to solve multiplication of numbers up to 4 digits. This will be next week’s task and we will also look to find methods to solve division problems using inverse calculations which will rely upon their improving times table skills.

Going back in time, we have been learning all about a famous tapestry, but pupils have cottoned on to the fact that it is in fact an embroidery. Of course the Bayeux Tapestry is our focus and we have been entertained learning the story of William the Conqueror and his ascension to King of England. Some parts of the story had children in stitches as they observed how the fabric of society changed in 1066. Next week we aim to reel in our knowledge to produce a film describing events in the Bayeux tapestry. To expand on this we will look at how the incoming King, taxed Britain with his comprehensive Doomsday Book.

Fast forward nine hundred years and we witnessed the last time England conquered at a World Cup in men’s football. The heartache continues for England fans, but football fans would be lifted as Park Hill put up a spirited display on Friday afternoon against Westbury House that manager Alf Ramsey would have been encouraged by. Gordon Banks will definitely have one eye on the heroics of our two goalkeepers who kept our boat afloat in rocky times. Alan Ball would have admired the battling industry of our defence and midfield, whilst Bobby Charlton would have combed over our scoring talent.

Thank you to the parents who came out to support our players and nurse minor injuries. Some people were on the pitch at the end, but there was no confusion at the end as the full time whistles blew, hand shakes exchanged and three cheers for the opposition.

Well done Year Four and Five, excellent effort this week. You may think it’s all over, it is now!

News from Year 3

Year 3 have had a busy start to the year. Starting column addition with carrying, and then moving onto word problems. In English we have been looking at descriptive vocabulary using The Tear Thief as inspiration to make our own writing far more interesting. We shall include some finished pieces next week.

A new topic in Humanities are the Mayans an their links to the Aztecs and Central America. We were fascinated with the way the Mayans represented themselves in their art and are looking forward to recreating some of their interesting arts and crafts.

News from Year 2

This week in English, the children have been learning about report writing. We have written a report about our Christmas holidays, and then researched and gathered information on materials. This was then turned into a full report explaining how the materials could be used and what they look or feel like. In mathematics, we have learnt how to gather and present data. We travelled around the school and gathered data on the schools favourite colours, before turning this in to a block diagram. Finally, we learnt how to create bar charts and use scales.

In Science, the children have begun their work on materials, learning about man made and natural materials, and how we edit materials to suit our needs.

News from Year 1

This week we have been exploring addition and subtraction, extending our understanding of place value and different strategies to calculate some very challenging problems.

We have also been discussing familiar stories as well as learning about traditional stories from the past; exploring how to use vocabulary to keep the reader engaged.

We are also looking forward to our Hampton Court Palace trip next week!

News from Reception

Happy New Year! Welcome back to what will be a very busy, yet another fun filled term. This week, Reception have been introduced to our new topic ‘food.’ I must say, a great topic to focus on. There is a great deal to look forward to. We have begun to make a ‘Pizza shop’ role play area including making clay pizza’s at Woodland school. The children did a great job at manipulating and shaping the clay. We learnt that pizza comes from Italy and what our favourite toppings are: “Peas, mushrooms and pepperoni” Theo. “Onions and pepperoni” Yusuf M. The children looked at the food pyramid and learnt what food items make up a healthy diet: “Broccoli is in the vegetable category and cheese is in the dairy” Timothy explains. In science, the children took part in a mystery jar activity, using their senses to describe food items as they taste and smell. Within Literacy, the children were introduced to instructions, and wrote steps ‘to make a sandwich’ which we look forward to making soon. We recapped some simple addition sums before using money in our pizza shop next week! Have a great weekend.

News from Second Steps

Second Steps have spent the week caring for babies in our new baby clinic. We have been dressing up as doctors and nurses and using our doctors kit to help heal our poorly babies. We have started our new topic of growth and have been investigating how tall our baby patients are by measuring them with tape measures and some non stare measures such as blocks and hands. Next week we will be learning all about teeth, how we keep them healthy and what foods are bad for our teeth.

News from First Steps

What a great start to the term. It has been absolute joy and pleasure to see children so happy and enthusiastic ready for learning and settling into the classroom routine. We have welcomed Sagari, Elle and Ian.

First Steps children have throughly enjoyed participating in a range of activities, particularly enjoying messy play activities. Within mark making the children drew different patterns using cotton buds and brushes on aluminium foil surface. At outside area the children placed the sweet corns into different vehicles which hugely helps them to improve their fine motor skills. We also used the vocabulary hard/soft, heavy/light to compare stones and sweet corns. The children also used their critical thinking skills to create the tall towers using number boxes. Within Performing Arts the children listened different type of musics and created their very own movements with Ms Georgina.

Picture Gallery

I found myself with my camera in hand at various intervals this afternoon; hopefully a selection of images from different times and perspectives on Park (Hill) life....(sorry for that pun...!!)

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