The Arts By Cate Huse


One of the fine art electives offered at Mercy is Intro to Art. In this class the students learn about how to make art and it’s history. They’ve learned how to make many wonderful pieces like trivets.

Relief Printmaking by Ashlyn and Emma

Nearing the end of the year of Intro to Art, this class has started to master some of the more difficult designs such as printmaking. To make these the artists had to draw out their design, carve it into a linoleum block, and copy it onto paper.

Drawing and Painting acrylic artwork by Therese and Kelsey

What the students do in the class Drawing and Painting is self explanatory and so far they’ve managed to create paintings using acrylics. For this specific artwork the students chose a painter and tried to use their style and worked it into one of their pieces.

Silk Scarf by Kelsey

Drawing and Painting doesn’t just happen on canvas it can be on scarves too. Using watercolor techniques this class was able to work outside their comfort zone and make some beautiful pieces.

Hannah working on painting

The Drawing and Painting class continues on a new piece. The students have learned much so far and are painting a scene from a photograph trying to make the images as similar as possible.

Clay Whistles

In 3D Design they created clay whistles by molding two pinch pots together. The students were able to shape the clay until it actually whistled and could mold it into a design of their choice saving their creativity into the clay.

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