William Shakespeare A summery of his life

William Shakespeare was a historical influential figure. Has has impacted many works of literature. He was born in England. He began exploring his love for literature around 1594. He wrote plays, poems, and did many other things.

To this day there is no known birthday for him. However, people have predicted it to be around 1564. He was a Christian. He lived in a market down a little ways from London. He was the third child with two older sisters and three younger brothers.

William Shakespeare has had many achievements in his life including being a skilled actor. He had amazing talent for expressing thoughts and feelings in memorable ways.

Another achievement is that he was an amazing poet. He was known for all of his work. However, he was especially known for his sonnets. They were love poems. He wrote about love, comedies, and tragedies.

Lastly, William was also know for his plays. This was one of his most famous piece soft work. They are still popular and used for many school/ brodway shows. Like Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare will never be forgotten he left a footprint on the world. His plays, poems, acting, and sayings will always be told, preformed, and said.


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