Office of Procedural Justice Sample Dashboard

The Cambridge Police Office of Procedural Justice plans to take police transparency to an unprecedented level by providing near real-time updates on the Department's interactions with the community through a Procedural Justice “Dashboard" that is built off of a proprietary algorithm.

In this example (not based on actual Department data), performance would be measured as the ratio of the scores for interactions with non-minority residents and the scores for interactions with minority residents. The goal in this sample scenario would be to have a ratio of 1, indicating similar treatment of all residents, regardless of race. The metric above would show the percent difference between the actual ratio and a ratio of 1.

By proactively monitoring data relating to police-resident interactions over time, the Office of Procedural Justice can determine differences in the quality of police interactions based on race, as an example.

A future goal for this site is to provide a dashboard that allows the public to interact with the data and make their own determinations of the Office's results and conclusions.

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