Grímsvötn RepOrt by Shelby Bointy

Hello everyone. I am reporter Shelby Bointy, reporting from Höfn, Iceland. The reason that I'm here is because Grímsvötn, one of Iceland's many volcanoes, has erupted! Grímsvötn is a volcanic caldera, a volcano that's had its mouth or vent closed or it has collapsed due to an earlier eruption. Grímsvötn's elevation is about 5659 feet or 1724.8632 meters and is about 65 miles or 104.607 kilometers from Höfn, the city I'm reporting from, which has a population of around 2167. This eruption caused a plume of ash of 12 miles. This plume cause Iceland's largest airport, Keflavik, to be closed down due to the 50 meter visibility warning. Not only did this plume cause Keflavik to be closed down, but it also created an intense lightning storm.

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