july 2019

Volume 4, Number 4

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough—Robert Capa

this just in...

Jeffry Booher

Well the year is half over and it has already been interesting... Fun stuff is coming and you all play a big part. Dave Poplawski will be forming a committee to figure out the Year End Competition; Drema will be forming a committee to elect a new President and Treasurer. Then there is the actual Year End Competition which takes place in January 2020... In the meantime, Angela and I have started planning for the Central Coast trip and you definitely do not want to miss out on this.

● ● ●

While the club has so much more to do this year, I am, unfortunately, on my downward plight. I have worked steadfastly at implementing my vision of what the best possible experience could be for members while building a strong leadership platform with which the club operates. One of the deals we made with the membership to help keep operation of the club robust was adding term limits to the club's charter and this is the final year of my two year term.

While I have been the club's President for 2 years, my journey began more than six years ago. It has been a long and difficult road so I look forward to downsizing my role. Undoubtedly, though, I will continue to be a leader in the club as the charter gives me another two years as a member at large on the board of directors and oversight of the nominating committee so I will continue to shape the direction of the club. Ultimately, though, I will be taking on greater challenges at the council level by implementing my vision for a better council experience for all clubs.

● ● ●

Over the past six years, I have dedicated my life to building Darkroomers what it is today: I designed a new logo, built a robust community platform, redesigned the newsletter, codified many informal processes, streamlined the budgeting process, built a programming template, and rewrote most of the club's charter.

I could not have done it alone. Many of the people who helped with the rebuilding have served alongside me as officers and directors--some of which are no longer members.

I can look back at all I accomplished with rebuilding Darkroomers and say that we have changed the club for the better. Darkroomers a modern, thriving club that has a new generation of leaders ready to take the helm and take Darkroomers across the century mark. Well, take it to the century mark anyway...

● ● ●

We had 15 members when I joined back in 2012. We now have 41 members. My first leadership position in the club was that of Membership Director and I had brought the club back up to 39 members in just a couple of years. It is a fun job because I got to talk to a lot of strange people and talk about how great the club was.

We are still a few members short of the 49 we need to keep the doors open so, with 6 months left in the year, we should all be helping Murray recruit new members. The club sells itself solely on the prestige of being one the founding member of SCACC and one of the oldest clubs in San Diego. So what we need is for every member to go out and find two photographers and talk them into coming to a free meeting... The rest is up to the club to convert them into a member...

● ● ●


Darkroomers Weekend Workshop: Still Life is coming. The workshop is going to feature flowers and miniatures on reflective surfaces. There will be a limit to the number who can attend and you are encouraged to download special software and bring your laptop.

This is a limited attendance workshop so you must signup in order to attend

● ● ●

dark continent

Darkroomers is heading up to the Central Coast area (SLO, Pismo, and beyond...). The trip is being planned by Jeff and Angela for October 17-20 for 4 action packed days and every day will be brimming with fun and exciting things. The trip will feature Lighthouses, Wineries, Piers, Tidepools, Rock Formations, and really good food. Really good food... If you have been On Location with Darkroomers in the past, you are well aware that we generally go places where food is an afterthought by the people who build the towns we visit. This trip, however, will feature some five star eateries (well, 2 stars at a minimum) and, good news, there are no Denny's anywhere near the circuit. No offense to anyone who likes Denny's...

The planning committee is looking for a nose-count because one of the excursions will require that we pay per member and that cost will come from our club sponsorship revenue so it will cost you nothing but you must be a member in order to attend. This is a good reason to become a member...

● ● ●


The dark alley

A day at the market

The Darkroomers took to the streets to photograph storytelling life events and there was very little story to tell. Seems as though San Diego is mostly homeless people and tourists which you would think makes for interesting photographic opportunities but nope. Sure the group found a lot of interesting things but, with such low turnout at the On Location event, it should not be a surprise if there are very few entries in this quarter's installment. So it is still anyone's game. With just a few weeks left to get the prize winning shots, we thought we would compose a few ideas for capturing interesting scenes for competition:

  • Farmers Markets -- Nothing says winning photo like a basket of tomatoes at 2 for $3!
  • Comic Con -- The mother of all street scenes...
  • Street Fairs -- Hot weather pushes San Diegans out on to the the streets for some mild corruption.
  • Festivals -- It may be too late for photographing City Street Scenes at the San Diego Fair so Block Parties, Flea Markets and Festivals are good alternatives...
  • Beaches -- Hot weather helps to bring the craziness to the beach areas and, who knows, you may end up with something that can be admitted into evidence... Instant fame!

Our City Streets Scenes competition will take place at the 5th Wednesday meeting in July or, for those of you playing the home game, July 31st...

Jeff is bring refreshments so get ready for bacon wrapped shrimp... Or ice shrimp. We have yet to decide...

● ● ●

interclub update

The next interclub competition takes place on July 16th at 7:30P and, remember, Darkroomers is in First Place so get your images in to Terri Thompson so the club can maintain its First Place status...

● ● ●

scacc news

Hot Fudge Sunday

The July SCACC meeting is this coming Tuesday (July 9th) at 7PM and, as previously reported, the Portrait club along with other forces within SCACC, is looking to take over the galleries and SCACC president, Robin Stern, has scheduled to take a vote on splitting up the galleries. For real this time.

Come to the July 9th SCACC meeting and voice your concerns on splitting up the galleries

● ● ●

The gallery lights are mostly working once again. Murray was able to lead the effort to get the lights back to working order. New fixtures which replaced the damaged parts were installed and it only took 3 days of trial and error. A lot of trial and error.

Sometimes you need to give them a little nudge with a broom handle, though, as expansion and contraction of the track due to the changes in temperature and humidity are sure to cause minor fluctuations in the track and cause continuity issues...

● ● ●

SCACC will be honoring those who won a ribbon or mention at the San Diego Fair this year. Bring your prints along with the ribbon and title card for display to the July 21st meeting. Only Honorable Mentions and placed winners will be displayed. Please have your name and the title of the image written in the space provided on the back of the ribbon. There will be a receptacle for you to put your wares in the reception gallery at the July 21st meeting. See Jeff or Ralph for assistance, or email jeff@darkroomers.com for more information.

● ● ●

SCACC was several other clubs from the San Diego area who hosted a booth for Club Night at the Fair. It was mostly clubs talking to other clubs but be sure to checkout the nifty new SCACC color glossy flyer. There are some on the marketing table in the foyer for you to enjoy and we will soon be getting some to MOPA since we have a partnership with them.

SCACC has beautiful new color glossy flyers

● ● ●


Suzanne Hansen

Our judge for July is Suzanne Hansen. For more than ten years, she has wandered the globe to capture the spirit of people through engaging portrait, wedding and travel photography.

Suzanne is a lifelong student of sociology and graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. By combining people with her passion for travel and photography, Suzanne delivers more natural, personal and always engaging images. Through the eye of her lens, she has captured the people who color her life's work. Through her own eyes, she sees the personalities and landscapes that fill her life with love and laughter.

I find inspiration in people's faces, in their stories and the way they tell them, traveling, holding mike's hand while we wander around a new city, art, and movies.

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