Tattoos on the heart By rani qaqish

I think chapter 8 was called success because the characters in the chapter were successful in getting a second chance to conform into society and have a job and a good life with a family. The reason these people got a second chance to reform themselves is because of Father G's determination to get those gang members into work. My favorite story from this chapter is at the beginning. Father G expilains ain't what happened to Scrappy, mentioned in chapter 1, Scrappy got a job removing graffiti. Scrappy was shot at 5:30 in the morning when he was doing his job. I like this story because it is a success story if you look at it closely. Scrappy used to be a gang member getting in trouble and causing violence in his local area, but he had a second chance a

I think chapter 7 was called gladness for the reason that the people in the stories mostly talk about or show what gives them happiness in their lives. The overall theme of the chapter is gaining happiness from what life gives you. My favorite story was the story of Spider and his talk with Father G about his life as they drove to Spider's home. As the drive began Spider started talking about how he watches his kids eat first then once they are full and after his wife is full he will eat, but sometimes there isn't even any food left but he still doesn't care. He calls this "a father thing", and he is grateful for his kids and wife even if he doesn't get to eat that night. I think Spider is an almost perfect example of how you can gain happiness from life.

Chapter 6 is called Jurisdiction, I think is called this because we are all human. To the power of God we are all human formed in his image none of us are worth less to him compared to someone else under his power and jurisdiction. My favorite story in is chapter was about Flaco at the beginning of the chapter. The story revolves around Flaco a gang member with three of his confreres driving to an abandoned clock store where they normally use PCP to get high. One day while thy were driving they decided to take drugs while they drove which caused them to crash, Flaco survived the accident but lost his left arm and had his right leg crushed. Later some other gang members from an enemy group were laughing about Flaco's situation. Father G talked them down and was angry, later one of the enemy gang members asked for a ride and Father G agrees. He noticed something was wrong with the man so he asked where he was going and he replied he was going to see Flaco in the hospital. This is one of by far my favorite stories in the book because this story shows we are all human no tags or stereotypes can stop us from caring for one another.

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