My trip to France BY:kirk varney

When I arrive at the Orly airport in Paris I will be going to check into my hotel. The hotel I will be staying at is called ''Mercure Paris centre tour Eiffel'',and is located .2 miles from the Eiffel Tower. This hotel has a 5 star rating and has spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower. The hotel is located at 20 rue Jean rey, Cedex 15, Paris, 75015 France. Their phone number is 011-33-825-80-17-17. I will be staying in my hotel from February, 18th to February, 22nd and it will cost me 817.10 euros.

The view from one of the hotel rooms.

That night I will be going out to eat at a restaurant that has very high reviews and serves amazing french food. This restaurant is called "Pierre Gagnaire" and is located on 6 rue Balzac,75008 Paris,France. The restaurants phone number is 331-58-36-1250. The food at this restaurant is all made with family recipes that they have been using for many years. This restaurants also has a wonderful atmosphere.

One of the main rooms in Pierre Gagnaire.

The next day I will be visiting 2 places in Paris. My first adventure will be visiting the Eiffel Tower. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument in the world, bringing over 11 million visitors a year and it cost 7 euros to get into the Eiffel Tower. Also the Eiffel Tower was going to be demolished in 1909 but instead was re-purposed to be a radio antenna. One last fact about the Eiffel Tower is that it was built to show Frances power and growth. When the Eiffel Tower was built it cost over 7 million euros. The Eiffel Tower also has over 100 million different lights which is just amazing. This amazing monument definitely defines the French culture.

A up close of the Eiffel tower

My second adventure for the day would be to go check out the "Musee du louvre". This museum is one of the most famous museums in the world with one of the most beautiful exhibits ever. Did you know this museum is the biggest museum in the whole world with hundreds of different exhibits. Another fact is that It was originally built as a fortress in 1190. One last fact about the Musee du louvre is that it houses the Mona Lisa, which is in the top three for the most famous paintings of all time. This museum is the most visited museum in France and is by far the most beautiful.

A picture of the museum at night.

That night I would go out to dinner at yet another amazing restaurant called the "Rech" and its located on 62 avenue des ternes,75017 Paris,France. Their phone number is 331-58-0022-13. Their food is amazing according to how many stars and amazing reviews that they have. This restaurant serves amazing seafood and many different types of fish, that is all home cooked with secret recipes.

The street view of the Rech.
  • On my final day in Paris I will be going to check out something that many people who visit Paris dont go and see. Its called the "Les Catacombs de Paris." Many people who visit the catacombs say that it gave them the creeps. Did you know that there are over 6 million full bodies worth of bones in this catacomb. Another fact about the Paris Catacombs is that when they decided to make this it was because that they ran out of room in all of the cemeteries so they had to make a Catacomb. One last fact about the Paris catacombs is that its all underground and it spans over 4.2 miles which is the largest in the world. So if you dont like getting creeped out I do not recommend going here.
One of the walls inside the Catacomb.

The next day I will wake up nice and early so I can catch my train to Bordeaux at 8:46am. I wont arrive at Bordeaux until 12:29pm at the ST John train station. When I arrive I will go and check into my hotel. The name of my hotel is "La Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez" and is located on 10 rue labotteirie, Bordeaux, Girande . Their phone number is 1-855-201-7819. I am staying at the hotel from February,23rd-February,24th. My one night in this hotel will only cost me euros 263.

The beautiful entrance to my hotel.

On my first night in Bordeaux I will be going out to dinner at another very highly recommended restaurant called "le Bouchon Bordelias" and they are located on 2 rue Courbin 33000 Bordeaux,France. Their phone number is 33-5-56-44-3300. This restaurant has 2 sides to it. One is more of a cafe that you would go and have coffee and a bagel, and the other is more of a spot to get a 5 course meal.

Inside the morning cafe side

The next day will be very busy for me. I will visit 2 places and also check into my new hotel later that day. My first adventure in Bordeaux will be to visit the "Mioir d'eau" which is one of the most beautiful things to visit in Bordeaux. Did you know that the Mior d'eau was built in 2006 all along the quays. Also the pool part is made of all granite with a little less that 2 inches of water on top which will give you the reflection when you look at it. On a nice day, when you look at the pool you will almost think that the water is glass because of how calm the water is. One last fact about this awesome monument is that many people say that this place is the true definition of the Bordeaux culture.

One of the many amazing views at the Mioir d;eau

My next adventure for the day will be to do the "Bordeaux Experience de velo" which is a bike tour which the guide takes you and up to 100 others on an informational tour to some of the most popular destinations in Bordeaux. Did you know that there are over 200 miles of coast lines in Bordeaux and when you go on this tour you will travel along 50 of those miles. Also the guide will take you through out the city and through traffic with out any worries. So this will show me many of the attractions within hours.

The station where you pick up your bikes

That night I will be checking into my new hotel that I will stay in for one night. This hotel is called "Seeko'o" and its located on 54 Quai de Bacalan, Bordeaux, Girande 33300. Their phone number is 866-925-4143. This hotel is more of a new modern hotel with a cool look that will wow people.This hotel will cost me only 244 euros.

The next day I will be going on my last adventure in Bordeaux will be to go check out the "Pont de Pierre" Which is a 2 mile long pier that stretches across the whole inlet that leads into the ocean. Did you know that the pier is made entirely of brick. Another fact about the pier is that it was built all the way back in the 1820's and is still standing strong 197 years later. One last cool fact is that this pier is made to honor all the the napoleons. Also this pier is a popular fishing location for people who want to fish off of it. Also there is a canoe ride that you can take ans slowly take a ride down the whole inlet.

The pier at night

In my last night in Bordeaux I will be going out to dinner at one last restaurant called "le K Boroque" and its located on 1 Quai des Chartrons 33000 Bordeaux,France. Their phone number is 33-5-56-52-3120. This is a very fancy restaurant that you could be in for up to 5 hours tasting their fine dining french pasta.

The fine dining room

I will then be taking a train the next day back to Paris at 9:12am and I will arrive at 12:33pm. Then I will be staying there for another 4 or so days and check things out before I head back to the United States on March,3rd. I will be staying in one last hotel called "Hotel Duo" and its located on 11 rue du temple, Paris, 75004 France. Their phone phone number is 866-925-4143.This hotel is very nice ending place to stay. This hotel has a very large pool and even a bowling ally. This hotel will cost me 1,020 euros.

A street view of the hotel

This trip to France was just amazing and I will remember the wine country (Bordeaux) and amazing Paris. I will never forget this trip.


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