Meet the Admissions Committee Daytime MBA Program

Leadership Team

Shari Hubert

Associate Dean, Admissions

25 Random Fact: "I recently completed a big bucket list item of stepping foot on all seven continents. Earlier this year I did an expedition cruise in Antarctica."

Allison Jamison

Assistant Dean, Admissions

25 Random Fact:"My husband and I are part of the “2% Club” – they say only 2% of cadets graduate from West Point (where he went to school) with the same girlfriend/boyfriend, but we made it. We met in high school, dated through college, and are still married 23 years later."

Sharon Thompson

Assistant Dean, Admissions

Women and Underrepresented Minority applicants

25 Random Fact: "One of my most memorable Fuqua experiences was traveling with students and faculty in 2008 on the South Africa GATE trip. Professor Ashleigh Rosette saved me from a Mozambique spitting cobra and later encouraged me to ride and feed an elephant. What an adventurous experience!"

Admissions Advisors

Jessica Brown

Associate Director, Admissions

International Regions: Middle East, East Asia

Domestic Region: Southwest

25 Random Fact: "I love photography and I always carry my camera with me, ALWAYS! I truly enjoy taking pictures and editing photos, which is a trait that I picked up from my dad (who's a professional photographer)."

Kathryn Davies

Associate Director, Admissions

International Regions: Europe, Africa

Domestic Region: Northeast

25 Random Fact: "I was a camp counselor and lifeguard all through high school and college - and won the “most graceful entry into a canoe” award every year."

Morgan Griffin

Assistant Director, Admissions

International Region: India

Domestic Region: Mid-Atlantic

25 Random Fact: "June 2016 was my luckiest month. I got married and won a regional Emmy for Best Documentary (I was previously a news anchor). My one regret was that I didn't buy a lottery ticket that month."

Mandy McGuire

Assistant Director, Admissions

International Region: Canada

Domestic Region: West Coast & Western US

25 Random Fact: "I taught myself to juggle and can juggle anything from Legos to snowballs!"

Meghan Pollard

Senior Associate Director, Admissions

International Region: China

Domestic Regions: Midwest, South

Veterans & LGBTQ+ Applicants

25 Random Fact: "I once was pulled onto the stage at House of Blues in New Orleans by Lenny Kravitz and he had me dance with him while singing “Are You Gonna Go My Way.”

Lauren Sutherland

Associate Director, Admissions

International Region: Latin America

Domestic Region: New York Tri-State

25 Random Fact: "I once broke a metal baseball bat, which is the closest I will ever come to being a professional athlete. The end of the bat went farther than the ball itself, but I like to think of it as one of my greatest feats of strength!"