Scientific Research Maddie Schleicher - Class 2 - May 13 - Genus: Caretta


the ability to do work

Turtle Food Web

Scientist, Scott A. Eckert says: "Plastic bags discarded at sea pose another serious hazard; leatherbacks often mistake them for jellyfish, their favorite food."


the ability to make offspring

According to Naples Daily News, sea turtle nesting season begins May 1, 2017 and goes until October. They give tips like turing off beach house lights to prevent interruptions while a turtle is nesting.


the ability to change for survival in an environment

Turtle Adaptations

Scientist Scott A. Eckert says: "This giant of the sea feeds mainly on jellyfishes. Although a variety of jellyfishes and related prey are abundant, they are eaten by few other vertebrates. As one might suspect, a life spent eating mostly jellyfish requires some special adaptations to make the job easier. The leatherback has sharp cusps resembling a set of fangs on either side of its upper mandible and a single interlocking cusp on its lower jaw. Because of the species' relatively weak jaws, these cusps are essential in shearing chunks from larger prey, such as the lion's mane jellyfish, which may have a bell in excess of three feet in diameter."


the ability to change in size (get older & larger)

A baby green turtle and and adult green turtle, heading out to sea

Just as scientists can determine historical changes in climate by examining tree rings, Christine Robichaud, a biology student at Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B., is using the growth rings in turtle shells to predict the danger that global warming poses to the already threatened species.


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