Fastest man alive

Who is the flash- Before he was the flash he was just an ordinary kid like me. His name is Barry Allen.

Barry Allen

How Barry became the flash- One night Barry and his friend Iris went to go see a scientist named Dr. Harrison Wells who made an accelerator that would change the world. Later that night while Barry was in his lab the accelerator exploded releasing a huge amount of energy and it struck Barry. From then on out Barry's life would change forever.

What the flash does- What the flash does is simple. He saves peoples lives. He uses his speed to help the city he loves, Central City. The Flash fights metahumans who were people that got effected by the accelerator and used their powers to do harm.

King Shark

Why the flash does what he does- One reason why I think he tries to save people is that because his mom died when he was kid. I think flash wanted to use his power so that he could figure out who killed his mom so he could destroy the person who murdered her. Along with his mom being murdered his dad is the one who was falsely blamed so he was put in prison. All throughout the show the flash is trying to figure out who killed his mom and tries to get his dad out of prison.

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