Faith through the ages By AJ Acup

About Faith Through The Ages

Faith Throught The Ages is a Tshirt design for a VBS that I was a part of. I let older VBS shirts influence my design, as shown below with an early concept sketch on top of an older shirt.

"Faith Through The Ages Thumbnail"

It was designed to be specific to the lessons taught in the VBS. The VBS was three days long with a theme for each day. The first was the fall of man, which the snake represents. The second was the faith of Moses, which the parting waves (swirls at the bottom) represent. The third was originally the return of Jesus, but got switched midway through to His death and resurrection. This caused some early ideas to find their way into the final picture. The New Jerusalem is pictured here as a mountain with a half wreath of stars. Jesus' death and resurrection is represented by the cross.

"Faith Through The Ages Outline"

The name of the VBS was Faith Through the Ages, thus the title of the picture. On the back is the verse for the VBS: "And behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age", Mathew 28:20

"Faith Through The Ages"

The VBS was run by Harvest New Beginnings' youth group, Ignite, and took place during a missions trip next to the Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana.

"Montana Missions Shirt Design"

That trip was probably one of the best in my life. We saw Mt. Rushmore, worked on the Reservation, helped the local church out, ran the VBS, saw the Battle of Little Bighorn, saw wildlife (like donkeys and buffelo), and climbed a mountain.

The final product

This was designed using Adobe Illustrator. You'd have to ask Pastor Matt who printed the shirts cause I don't know. It took me about 17 hours to design, but that's mostly cause my computer crashed halfway through and I had to restart.


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