Plate Boundary Project Matthew Cooper

Compression, tension, and shear stresses are at plates boundaries. Each type of stress produces different types of landforms. The Boundaries are known as Convergent, Divergent, and Transform.

Where Plates move together, compression pushes Earth's crust. The largest landforms on Earth are produced by compression at convergent plate boundaries. Some landforms created by compression are Mountains Ranges, Ocean Trenches, and Volcanic Arcs. The Boundary is known as Convergent Boundary.

Compression Stress

Where plates move apart, tension stretch Earth's crust. Tension landforms include Mid-Ocean Ridges and Continental Rifts. This Boundary is known as Divergent Boundary.

Tension Stress

Where tectonic plates slides horizontally past each other, shear moves Earth's crust. Shear landforms include Transform faults and Fault zones. San Andreas Fault is visible at Earth's surface, much of this fault system is underground. This Boundary is known as Transform Boundary.

Shear Stress


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