One Last Time God gives a second chance when they are near to their end

In the last few months, the Israelite were escaping the plague that God sent down to Egypt. Moses was the leader of the group escaping, so the escaped to the desert. They traveled in the desert day and night, they were hungry and complained against God and Moses wanting for water. Moses prayed for water and God answered by giving the Israelite water through a rock. Moses took his staff and hit the rock God told him about, and water came flowing out of it! The Israelite also complained about food, so God gave the bread.

A few days later, they still had food, but they thought they deserved more . So they complained against God and God stopped giving mercy. He sent deathly serpents to the Israelite, they bite people and lots died. The people realized that they were wrong and sinned against God. The begged for Moses to pray to God and save them. So Moses prayed and God told him to make a snake out of bronze and people who got bit to look into the snake and they will be healed. Moses did it and the people healed, So in other words God showed them mercy again.


Created with images by jpeter2 - "desert morocco sand dune" • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest Region - "Snake"

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