Out of crisis: The real leader

How you respond to crisis reveals who you really are--who you really want them to follow.


  • Moses and the Hebrew people are standing with their backs to the Red Sea, watching Pharaoh's army race toward them. How did they get to this point?
  • What did thy do after they cried out to the Lord? Why did they do this?
  • Why did Moses answer them this way?


  • When what the people saw with their eyes did not match what they knew God promised them, what did they do? In what ways do we act similarly?
  • In times of crisis why do people find safety in the past--even if the past was not desirable?
  • All Moses had to share with the people in this moment of crisis was what God had told him. He had no new strategy to give the people hope. Is this the way you lead? Should you?
IN A CRISIS, IT WILL COST YOUR TEAM SOMETHING TO FOLLOW YOU. Be honest about what you have heard from God.

When you and your team are in the middle of a difficult time, it is ok to admit to them that you cannot see into the future. You will not lose respect if you tell them that you do not know how to navigate the challenges that are facing you. But if they follow you through the crisis in a failing effort, you may lose them for all future efforts.

There will always be a book claiming to have the magic key for your team's success. There will always be another team somewhere in the world that seems to have the formula for what you want. However, it is better for you to direct your team to the Scriptures rather than the latest bestselling strategy. In the Scriptures, you and your team can together call out to God and be instructed by the Spirit. You will not get credit for success, but your team will not give up if success takes longer than expected.

If you choose to lead your team through the latest successful methodology, you run the risk of ostracizing any team member who may hear something different from the Lord. I will never forget my team leader passionately instructing us not to invite additional lost people to our evangelistic Bible Study. He confidently told us to mobilize the lost attenders of the evangelistic Bible Study to start new evangelistic Bible Studies. Through the Bible, the Lord led me to a completely different conclusion. I rejected my leader's methodology. I disagreed with the book to which he was trying to conform us. Simply stated, I did not follow that leader for one more step.

Get your team to follow Jesus through a crisis--not you. He is big enough, strong enough, capable enough to get them where they need to be. Moses simply told the people what God promised. This was enough!

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