It's Been A Year

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A little over a year ago now, Clemson Online started into our newest phase of institutional support with a revised mission and vision. At the time, we had no idea how the goal of supporting “unique learning opportunities and environments” and “innovative educational experiences” would become so paramount. As we navigated those unprecedented times, it became clear that our renewed emphasis on quality was an excellent proactive choice. Clemson Online worked day and night to establish meaningful connections and collaborations with organizations across Clemson in hopes of meeting the needs of all stakeholders at the University. It is difficult to encapsulate every aspect of work we devoted to faculty support, but we are hopeful this summary provides you a glimpse into our world. As we begin to move out of the incomparable period we all went through, Clemson Online remains focused on supporting all aspects of education at Clemson.

Clemson Online, Director, Matt Briggs

Our Mission and Vision


Clemson Online provides expertise and personalized faculty support to create and sustain unique learning opportunities and environments.


Clemson Online will further the development of globally recognized, competitive, and innovative educational experiences, thereby making Clemson University accessible to all students and extending the land grant mission.

Clemson Online consists of three groups, Learning Technologies, Online Development, and Analytics.

The Learning Technologies Team

The Learning Technologies team supports faculty and students by providing tools and systems that enhance learning environments. This includes the support and training on many academic technologies including Canvas, Zoom, Ensemble, remote proctoring systems, and captioning services. The team assists instructors with creating and administering online assessments including common exams and creates online learning documentation highlighting best practices. The team also reviews current learning technologies, identifies gaps with our current offerings, and researches and tests new or replacement options to address gaps.

The Online Development Team

The Online Development team provides pedagogical support for faculty in all modalities (online, blended, face-to-face), collaborates with Cooperative Extension to provide online programming, develops non-credit course options with subject matter experts, provides video production services, and creates internal marketing plans. We also create and deliver high-quality faculty development workshops and courses.

The Analytics Team

The Analytics team provides internal reports regarding online courses and faculty development participation. The team also provides support to contract courses.

University Support

Although Clemson Online had been supporting all faculty and staff prior to the pandemic, the shift to online created a demand for more assistance with Canvas and other online instructional tools.

Clemson Online reached over 45% of faculty and staff with workshops, one-on-one consults, and virtual drop-ins. During the timeframe of this report, we offered over 95 workshops. These workshops, developed and delivered by our staff, highlighted the needs of our faculty.

New Systems and Tools

The past year brought about many challenges for faculty and students alike. The sudden switch to remote learning forced everyone to rethink their instruction methods and determine the best route to continue providing high quality instruction. In order to assist faculty, Clemson Online fast-tracked their results from the Zoom pilot which led to the University adopting Zoom as a web conferencing option. The feedback for Zoom was overwhelmingly positive with faculty, staff and students combining to host over 600,000 meetings within the past year.

Academic integrity is a foundation of the education system and plays a pivotal role in ensuring students are being properly assessed. With the need to give examinations remotely, Clemson Online purchased and trained faculty and students on Respondus Monitor, a remote proctoring option that was made available for free. This system helped instructors remain confident in their exam integrity while not imposing additional costs on students. Over the course of the year, students used Respondus Monitor complete over 350,000 quizzes and exams.

Non-Credit Courses, Virtual Conferences, & Digital Badging

Clemson Online assists in the development and hosting of non-credit online courses and virtual conferences. Since March 2020, we have provided a multitude of online courses and virtual conferences for those that could not attend in-person. Many departments and groups were forced to provide online content, and Clemson Online served as the support system from course development to course delivery. During this time period, we have provided content to over 5200 participants/students.

Quality Matters

Clemson Online introduced Quality Matters (QM) course reviews for online and blended/hybrid courses in Spring 2021. We offer internal reviews for faculty development goals and external reviews for QM certification, a nationally recognized symbol of quality. As part of the QM launch, Clemson Online collaborated with the Department of Management to review 15 courses and to identify revisions that will strengthen the program’s core classes.


The Distance Education Advisory Board is a Shared Governance committee that focuses on the improvement in quality of online programs and courses. This committee is a formalized connection between faculty and Clemson Online. Clemson Online provides expertise and personalized faculty support to create and sustain unique learning opportunities and environments, and seeks to further develop globally recognized, competitive, and innovative educational experiences. Clemson Online appreciates the time, dedication, and guidance of its members. This committee is authorized by the Clemson University Committee on Committees.


Clemson Online worked with many groups and departments to accomplish a variety of projects including Grad 360° Signature workshops, introduction to the new classroom technology, and virtual orientation for first year and transfer students.

Boards and Committees

Clemson Online staff also served as board and committee members. These include:

  • Academic Planning Committee
  • Academic Technology Council
  • Accessibility Commission
  • ASC CSP Utilization Project
  • Associate Deans
  • Classroom Technology Taskforce
  • eLearning Task Force
  • IT Vendor Management
  • OADC

Instructional Video Production

Clemson Online offers an array of video production services, and we are talking about them all this week. We are a one-stop shop for all your videography needs, from pre-production consultations all the way through to editing and captioning.

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Future Plans

As we plan for the upcoming academic year, we will provide faculty development series, video services (studio, field, and drone), Quality Matters reviews, and support of for-credit and non-credit courses with digital badges. We also will continue to enhance our current systems, research emerging online instructional technology, and ensure secure and efficient systems.

Yes, it has truly been a year. I am optimistic that this time next year we will once again have a chance to reflect on all the positive gains made by our faculty and staff with Clemson Online’s support.

Clemson Online, Director, Matt Briggs