Tractors and farming By: Luke E

Have you ever wondered how your food, and milk are produced? The tractors big and grooved wheels allow them to grip the soil when it is wet and muddy. Tractors have lots of horsepower so they are able to pull trailers and equipment. There are many sizes of tractors because they need to do many different things. Many different brands make tractors for example John Deere, International Harvester,and many more. Combines also known as harvesters harvest the crops when ready to pick. Skid loaders clean the manure out of the barns,move feed, and does many more stuff round the farm. The skid loaders also has many attachments such as a bucket,spike,mower and many more. On a skid loader you can have wheels or you can have tracks which tracks help you grip the ground better. Farmers use trucks a lot on the farm, a couple reasons they use trucks a lot on farms is to move machinery, haul trailers when doing field work, move cattle and many more. Probably the most common piece of machinery other than a tractor is a ATV. ATV stands for all terrain vehicle. Farmers mainly use it for getting around on the farm but has more uses. Growing crops has three steps to it. The first step is to plant the crop, the second step is to water the fields and wait for it to be full grown, then finally the last step is to harvest the crop.

Beef cattle are raised for their meat. Another kind of cow is a dairy cow which is raised for their milk. There are about 23 different kinds of dairy cows but the most common type of dairy cow is holstine which produces milk. A cow has four stomachs and can eat up to 95lbs a day. A dairy cow likes to be in pastures because there is a lot of grass and other food they can eat. Cows have very short hair but some cows have lots of hair. John Deere came out with his first plow in 1836, in addition to that he also came out with four tractors. John Deere was a very talented blacksmith so he could do all the manufacturing he had to do with the plows and machinery he made. Now whenever you see a farm you will know all about it and all the equipment on the farm.

In order for the cow to produce milk it has to eat a lot before it gets milked. Whatever the cow eats before it will kind of taste like that. The cow's teats are used for two things, getting rid of milk, and providing milk you their newborns. A cow has to be milked two- three times a day by hand or machines. Before when you would milk cows by hand you would do two teats at time. If you milk a cow my machine you do four teats at a time. The reason milking cows goes so fast nowadays is because the machine is programed to milk fast. When you milk a cow with a machine it has four cups that squeeze the teats and the milk comes out. The milking process starts with putting on latex glove because if they didn’t it could harm the cow. Second you have to clean the teats with Pre-Milking Germicide dip. The Pre-Milking Germicide dip cleans the teats so the cows can be milked. If you don’t clean the teats the moisture will stay on the teats during milking. Third you have to dry the teats with a dry towel or a paper towel. Next you have to apply the milking machine onto the teats. When you apply the teat cups you do it one by one. After you get the milking machine onto the teats it hangs from a line up above the ceiling. The milking time for a cow takes about 5-7 minutes. Next you take the milking machine off the utter and then apply the Post-milking teat germicide dipping. That is the milking process for milking a dairy cow. Milking dairy cow takes a long time because each cow takes up to 5-7 minutes for milking.

Farming in the 1900s was very different from farming now days but has some stuff that is similar. In the 1900s it was rare to have steam powered tractors, but some farms had them however are tractors now days have more horsepower and we have more tractors. Raising cattle and growing crops in the 1900s is similar to now days in lots of ways but had different ways of planting crops and harvesting crops. In the 1900s and now days we both produce milk. Today we produce more milk because we have more cattle, and back then they only had 5-10 milking cows. A lot of farms in the 1900s and now days were handed down from generation to generation.

In the 1900s farms had horses pulling the equipment, but however nowadays tractors pull the equipment. Milking cows now days is way faster and easier with a machine , but in the 1900s they milked cows by hand. In the 1900s the average milking cows on a farm were 5-10. Now days we have an average of around 90 milking cows. It was hard to keep the barns clean in the 1900s because they didn’t have all the equipment to keep the barns clean, but nowadays it is easy for us to keep the barns clean with all the equipment we have. The most common tractor brand is John Deere. The reason tractors were not that common is because they didn’t have a lot of places to manufacture them but however nowadays there are many places and brands that make them.

Have you ever wondered why farm population is going down? A couple causes are houses being built on farms and farm land. When people start building on farm land it less milk and crops are being produced. Another reason farm population is going down is because farmers are choosing to go work in the city. When a farmer chooses to go work in the city, local farmers will buy their cows and that means smaller farms are becoming bigger while the number of farms is going down. The biggest reason farmland is decreasing is because houses are being built on farm land. Did you know a cow produces more than 500,000 glasses of milk in it’s lifetime. Those reason list why farm population is going down. There are many more reasons why farm population is going down but there are many more reasons why population is going down.

Horses took too long to plow fields fields and move in the fields because they only had 1 horse and not enough power. Some farmers bought more than 1 horse to try to move faster and have more power. Having more than 1 horse made it go faster but not much faster. Steam powered tractors were invented in the 19th century. Steam powered tractors had many parts to them and didn’t move very fast.

Since steam powered tractors were not very fast and efficient John Froelich invented the first gas powered tractor. The reason gas powered tractors were more efficient because they were powered by gas. Even tho the tractor only moved 3 mph it still was more efficient than the steam powered tractor because it was gas powered. Ever since John Froelich invented the first gas powered tractor, tractor brands have started making better and better tractors.

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