How often should you water the lawn during summer? (Scroll to read)

Everyone knows just how hot a Florida summer can get, but do you know how much you should water your lawn during the season?

This article will discuss how, when and why you should water your lawn in the following ways.

Before you start watering you lawn you need to know about any water restrictions/conservation regulations your city has.

The City of Palm Coast is dedicated to making its city greener and has the following restrictions in place for the summer:

  • Irrigation is limited to two days per week
  • Odd numbered addresses or no addresses: Wednesday & Saturday
  • Even number addresses: Thursday & Sunday
  • Non-residential: Tuesday & Friday

With that information in mind, how does it apply to your lawn?

Florida Lawn Care states that most Florida soils only need an average of 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch of water per application. It suggests saturating the root zone to increase the impact of each watering. That way your lawn will stay alive while not using excess amount of water

Now that you know how to water your lawn, the next step is to know when.

FloraLawn states that during the summer most central Florida lawns can go one to five days without water. It's suggested to water your lawn two times a week during 5-10 a.m. to avoid water evaporation lost and fall within the city's restrictions.

LivingGreen suggests to set your timers a certain way for the following months:

  • June: 50 minutes
  • July: 49 minutes
  • August: 60 minutes

Florida summers bring a ton of rain, so it's important to not water your lawn during heavy rainfall.

Why should this matter to you?

Effectively watering your lawn won't only make your lawn green – it'll also save you some green from lowering your water bill.

The City of Palm Coast values being Rooted in Nature, so by following the suggested directions, you can help Palm Coast stay beautiful while also conserving water and helping the environment.

Looking for more ways to save water and money?

Check out our tips and Rain Barrel guide.


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