The results of cyclone ENAWO antalaha, madagascar

As most of you are already aware, cyclone ENAWO hit Madagascar about two weeks ago.

On the 6th of March 2017, the eye of the cyclone hit the town of Antalaha with winds of about 200km/h, taking it's time, passing through at a slow 10 km/h destroying everything in its path.

Rice fields (rice being the main staple) are wiped out, vanilla, cocoa and other crops are destroyed. This a main income for the majority of this region.

Dead animals and broken trees are floating around in the sea.

The cost of living has shot up for things like rice, beans, vegetables, and even materials needed to rebuild are now 3-4 times the price.

There is stagnant water in many public areas, little or no running water, no electricity in most places, JIRAMA (public sector responsible for water and electricity in Antalaha) reports that many power lines are destroyed.

People living on an average of $2 a day need to rebuild their homes, kitchens, need new mattresses, supplies etc...

You may have already heard through social media or other sources about Macolline and our CALA villages, destroyed by Enawo. Trees fallen everywhere, tree nurseries are demolished, all homes, kitchens and even some of the cement school structures are badly damaged.

Luckily we didn't have any injuries nor lost lives but others in the region were not as fortunate. Currently, 81 deaths have been reported across the country, with many others reported missing.

The local government is not helping us.

Even the mayor of Antalaha has had to get funding from outside of Madagascar in order to rebuild the town.

Recovering from this at the CALA villages and at Macolline will be a long slow process, but we'll get there. But we do need as much outside help as possible. Please visit or click on the CYCLONE ENAWO RELIEF button seen throughout this presentation. It will lead you to my website where you can use Paypal or interact transfer.

The money raised will be used for supplies like: food, medicine, drinkable water, reconstruction of huts, schools... Please see below for more details.

The following resources for the CALA leprosy villages will be needed to recover from the damage:

$7000 to rebuild the huts, houses and roofs of former leprosy patients that live at Belfort

$6000 for the rehabilitation of the damaged buildings and roofs of the school EZAKA in both Belfort and Jules villages

$2500 for the rehabilitation of the roof of the water tower and the storage space of the water supply for the schools.

$3000 for the rehabilitation of the huts, houses and roofs for the people of Jules village.

$5000+++ for food (rice and beans) for the villagers and school children including rice for the next 4 months, at least.

The majority of our hard work at Macolline Park has disappeared as you will see in the following before and after photos. Starting with the entrance to the park, the welcome center, the pathway through the park is untraceable in most areas, both view point structures are badly damaged, most benches are gone, lots of deforestation and damaged trees, our fence that we had just about completed got pushed over by falling trees and wind etc...

Entrance to Macolline before and now
View of Indian Ocean and Mananara River from Macolline summit, before and now.
Welcome Center, before and now.
View of Macolline forest, before and now.
View point structure, before and now.

Rehabilitating Macolline will be an enormous undertaking, but on a positive note, there are new plants and flowers already re-appearing in the forest, including species not before seen. We are also seeing fruits on precious wood trees like Rosewood. So hopefully, in due time, Macolline will return to it's natural beauty, to be used once again as an environmental learning tool for local children and possibly even provide us with new species for botanists to come and research!

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Every dollar counts!

Thank you to the following people for their photos. -Ertice Yarozafy, Mélanie Ravoahangiarisoa, Bernd Jüncke, Marie-Hélène Kam Hyo et M Le Maire Eddie Fernand

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