Syrian Revolution

With all the these present day events occurring and this revolution happening in a relatively short amount of time. it made me want to learn more about this and why its been going on for a long period of time. something that caught my attention was that its war against themselves. different groups of people against each other in the same country. The most difficult part about the research was finding events that could go in the convalescence phase. with this being a modern situation there wasn't every much information on it since its in present time. this project made me realize that war don't just occur that there's events that lead up to an uprising, and not every revolution has a perfect ending.

Causes of the civil war

When a 14 year old teen from Syria named Naief Abazid spray painted on the walls of his school. “It’s your turn, Doctor Bashar al Assad.” as a rebellion prank thinking nothing of it. In his hometown of Daraa on February. 16, 2011. The following day he had a meeting at school with one of the members with Mukhabarat. Naief was then arrested by Syria’s Baathist and tortured for weeks on. Along with 22 other students in connection with the graffiti 3 of those now dead.

“It’s your turn, Doctor Bashar al Assad.”
symptomatic stage

"The Day of Rage" The Syrian police and military officers arrested thousands of demonstrators however when the protests continued the police resorted to violence. Under Bashar's rule the few select rich that were loyal to him grew richer while the middle class grew poorer. Asaad made some reforms to try and appease the people an example was he ended the state of emergency that Syrian citizens had been living under for decades. state of emergency is when the government is allowed full control over people's lives.

Anti-government protest
crisis stage

On March 18 2011, armed tanks entered the city of Deraa and opened fire on a mosque where demonstrators had gathered killing six. At first it was to focus on the lack of basic freedom they were experiencing. the security forces reacted violently by killing several protesters with live ammunition. And attacks massive crowds with tear gas. Triggering nationwide protests demanding President Assad's resignation. than resulting in the beginning of this present day revolution.

convalescence phase

since this is an ongoing event that hasn't been resolved. there is not enough information. The people of Syria demand freedom. they want a drastic change in government, they call for a democracy. they demand for all the violence to come to a stop and to live in peace and dignity. they want freedom to choose and to practice religion. Not only that but also political beliefs. this will be steps into finally unite the nation.

french revolution contrast

similarities and differences between the french revolution and the Syrian revolution.

Both revolutions were interested in things such as equality. having to due with lack of money and where they came from. another strong belief they both wanted to obtain was freedom of religion. to have there personal beliefs and practices. both revolutions weren't accepting of their leaders. those who did not agree with them, or had different opinions or view were punished. on the other hand not all revolutions are the same. the french revolution happened in 1789 to 1799. Syrian civil war started in march of 2011 and is currently still occurring.

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