Plutonium By: Nick Alley

1. The Symbol for Plutonium is Pu

2. Plutonium

3. The Atomic number for Plutonium is 94

4 There are 94 protons, 150 nuetrons and 94 electrons

5. The atomic mass for Plutonium is 244

6. Plutonium is a solid

7. Plutonium is a metal

8. Glen T Seaborg and Edwin McMillian discovered plutonium

9. Plutonium was discovered in 1941

10. Plutonium is used to make nuclear weapons and nuclear fuel.

11. The melting point is 641 degrees. The boiling point is 3232 degrees. Density is 16-20 grams

12.It is radioactive, very toxic, and can accumulate in bone marrow


Created with images by Science Activism - "094 Plutonium - Periodic Table of Elements" • shuraki - "chain chains iron" • compujeramey - "Nuclear Power Plant" • Muffet - "radiation area"

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