Mobile phones Are you hooked on them?

What make is your phone?

What do you use you mobile for?

How much time do you spend on the internet a day?
Do you upload photogaphs to a social networking site often?
Do you use your mobile as a tool in your job?
What else do you use your mobile phone for?
Have you ever used your mobile to video chat with someone?
Food for thought
What do you thinks about the video you have just seen?Do you think you will change your habits from now on?
Do you recognize yourself in this video?
How do you prepare yourself before uploading a photo ?
What is your opinion about people like the ones in the video?


Created with images by Per Olof Forsberg - "Mobile payment" • 526663 - "phone dial old" • HeikoAL - "whatsapp ios iphone" • RichardLey - "camera old retro" • Lalmch - "computer macbook tablet" • geralt - "agenda ipad apple" • Jhon Alexander Calderon Sanmartin - "finalizando-instalacion-skype"

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