Product & Service Lifestyle Photography a Guide to a Product Lifestyle session with Lucid Linds

What You Need To Know
  • THE BENEFITS: How will this benefit your brand and increase your sales?
  • BRANDING QUESTIONNAIRE: How will we define your brand style?
  • VISION BOARD: What is a vision board is and how will it work?
  • CREATIVE DIRECTION: How hands-on do you need to be?
  • LOCATIONS, STUDIO and SET DESIGN: How will we decide where to shoot?
  • LLIMBS: Who are the Lucid Linds Influencer Models for Brands and Social media?
  • IMAGE BUNDLES: How do you know how many images you need? What's the cost?
  • FAST TURNAROUND TIME: How long will it be before you get your images?
  • PAYMENT PLANS: What are the available payment plans?
  • USAGE RIGHTS AND CONTRACTS: What's the fine print?
  • BOOKING: How do you book? Do you need a project proposal first?
The Benefits
Your Brand Images Speak Loudly...Without Words

In order to increase your sales, people need to know the who, what, when, and how behind your brand. So much of that problem is solved in your brand images.

Your customer or client must understand and trust your brand before they will make a purchase from you. Sadly, in most cases, we only have our ideal client's attention for a very...very, very short time. Your website images should speak loud and clear and your social media pages, especially Instagram, should be consistent, and full of eye catching creative content. We understand your struggle for the constant need of images for your Instagram 7 days a week and we can help you create the exact images you need for your website too. The first image your ideal client sees on the front page of your website is when the "5 second clock" starts ticking. The "clock" we are referring to is the 3-5 seconds your front page has to capture your new potential customer's attention and keep them on your site. Imagine your front page image clearly speaking for your brand in the seconds that matter the most. Are your images saying what you need them to?

It's true, your brand photos matter, because they speak where you can't.

This is more than photography, this is your brand; telling a story, earning trust, reaching more people, serving more of your ideal clients, solving more problems, increasing your sales...this is growing your business to where you've always dreamed it would be.


  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Your Website
  • Your Blog (or someone else's blog)
  • Publicity Campaigns
  • Product & Service Launch Campaigns
  • Product and Service Menus
  • Magazine & Online Ads
  • Billboards
Branding Questionnaire
Defining Your Style

This is really quite simple. You will receive our branding questionnaire to help us get to know your brand better before we start the session planning process. It will only take you a few minutes to complete if you know your brand well. If you are new and need help defining your style this questionnaire as well as our team will help you with that too. We will also ask you for your website address and links to any social media platforms you may be using because this will also help us understand your style, who your audience is and what your exact needs are. We understand how busy you are so we try to keep everything as easy as possible.

Vison Board
Finding Inspiration For Your Brand Photography

We will create a Pinterest board specifically for you and your brand shoot. We will add you as a collaborator to the board we create for you so you can pin images that inspire you and your brand. We will also pin images and make notes for your shoot here. We have found this to be extremely useful in the planning process, as well as making sure we can see your vision more clearly; what you love and what you don't. We will refer to this board many times, and before the day of your shoot we will review this board with you completely and make sure that all likes, loves and dislikes have been heard loud and clear.

Creative Direction
Your Brand Is Your Baby

Creative direction and how hands-on you want to be is really up to you. Linds has worked with lots of women in business, and as a business owner herself, she understands that your brand is your baby. You may want to be very involved in the planning process as well as present for the shoot, or you may, metaphorically speaking, want us to "do the dirty work" and use our creativity and knowledge to get the images we know you need without requiring tons of your time, or the need for you to be present at the shoot. You can also direct us to anyone on your team that helps with marketing decisions, web design, social media management or your ad creation.

Whether you have lots of creativity and you want us to help bring your visions to life or maybe you have always considered yourself void of any right-brain activity and want us to use our creative talents for photography and branding, it's completely up to you.

Locations, the Studio and Set Design
The World Is Our Oyster

The world is our oyster as they say. Planning for locations and/or in the studio will be customized for what will fit your brand best. This will depend on what you sell and what is showcased in the images. Custom set design and backdrops are available as well as an array of already available sets and backdrops in the studio. If you are a brick and mortar store this may mean we shoot in your store with your products or services. Or we find the perfect location/s. Sometimes its a combination of locations, studio and your store.

LLIMBS: We Extend Your Reach

LLIMBS stands for Lucid Linds Influencer Models for Brands & Social Media. These women have been hand selected by Lucid Linds to help provide brands with the models they may need for their product lifestyle session, but we don't stop there. We have taken our understanding of social media influence and the power of Instagram marketing to create an offer that no other studio is offering right now. LLIMBS not only save you time and money from hiring models, but your brand also receives some much deserved love on Instagram, via these influencers' individual pages getting more eyes on your brand. The LLIMBS on your shoot are provided with images from your shoot too, so they can share, tag and talk about your brand. This equals more organic followers, likes, engagement, and more brand awareness equaling far more bang for your buck than traditional photoshoots.

You are not required to use LLIMBS for your product lifestyle session. You may only need our planning and photography services, and that's ok too. You can hire models or do what some brands have done by finding their own influencers, or using their own friends or sales team. Just keep in mind, not everyone can model, and not everyone loves to.

Pro: LLIMBS or professional models know what they are dong in front of a camera reducing the time needed from your photographer. This effects your cost.

Pro: LLIMBS will style their own hair and makeup, and wardrobe (unless you sell fashion and provide what they would wear).

Con: Professional models will require hair, makeup and wardrobe. Professional models run approximately $100/hr. and that doesn't include styling fees.

Pro: LLIMBS will be worked into your project proposal quote if you want to use them for your models, including how many posts you would like from each of them. One complimentary post comes with each LLIMBS on your shoot.

Pro: You will have the option to offer LLIMBS discount codes or coupons to give their audiences too. It's not required, but with close to 40,000 organic followers LLIMBS really do extend your reach.

Images and Turnaround Time
“Lindsey always goes the extra mile. She doesn't hesitate to lay on the dirty ground or shoot in oncoming traffic if it will lead to the best shot. She is creative and talented and it shows in her work. She always works within the brand guidelines, exceeds the shot list, and her turn around time is quick!”

- Sunshine, WineSociety.com

These sessions start at $1750 and go up depending on your needs. This will be discussed in your consultation.

We guarantee that after your shoot you will have your images within 3 weeks of the session.

Payment Plans, Booking, and Project Proposals
Now You Know How Important This Is For Your Brand, Let's Make It Happen

First Lucid Linds and her team will need to create a project proposal for you. This will include all the details determined from our consultation in-person or on the phone. You can expect to have a project proposal in your inbox within a week of our meeting. The project proposal will explain everything in detail so you can see exactly where you are investing your money for your business and you clearly understand the costs. From here you can add or subtract anything from the proposal to make sure you are getting what you want and spending what you want. Potential dates for your session will also be included in your project proposal. No date will be confirmed until a first payment has been made acting as your retainer.

After a project proposal is accepted you will receive an invoice for the agreed upon amount. Your brand session planning will not begin until at least 50% has been paid. The remaining 50% can be paid at your convenience prior to the session date in weekly, biweekly or monthly payments.

Payment plans for add-on image bundles after the session can also be broken up into a weekly, biweekly or monthly payment plan that fits your needs for up to 12 months after the session.

*Note no images are released until full payment is received*

*Payments are non-refundable*

More Fine Print

Contracts and Usage Rights

The images created in these sessions are commercial images. Lucid Linds Photography requires that you sign our commercial rights contract. Copyright and your usage rights are covered here. We are happy to provide you with our contract to look over with your project proposal upon request. Otherwise the contract will arrive with your session invoice.


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