The Mall: Corona Edition By Camille Shiffer

On May 12 retail all across Ohio began to open. My family and I went to Polaris mall where we saw how each store was reinventing themselves in their own way in order to help keep their customers and staff safe.

Although not everyone worse a face mask the majority of customers wore them. Every single staff member had a face mask on, which was additional to the other safety precautions they had along their stores.

Every individual store had the standard safety requirements while others took their stores safety an even step further. A big example of this was the store American Eagle. As we walked up to the store, there was a line by the entrance and in the front stood a lady holding an iPad with a face mask and gloves on. They had put stickers on the floor that were measured six feet apart so that the customers knew where to stand. They were only allowing 30 people in the store at a time so as soon as someone left the store the next person would be allowed in.

As soon as you entered the store, you were required to step on a big blue mat that was a shoe cleaning mat. When you stepped on it you wiped you feet (like you would before you would enter a house) and this is supposed to clean the germs from the bottom of your shoe. Next there was a station where you could take a pair of optional rubber gloves and to take a squirt of hand sanitizer. Now after these steps you were able to walk around and shop.

Although you were allowed to try different items on, you had to be generous about the clothes that you picked. There were very few dressing rooms open in order to maintain the six feet apart rule between customers. After you tried on your clothes in the dressing room, you put the clothes that you didn't want into a big cardboard box. I asked on of the employees, what they had to do to these clothes in the box and she said that all the clothes that people tried on but didn't want had to be steamed and then hung up in the back of the store for 24 hours until they could put them back out into the store again.

As I proceeded to the check out, I stood in line on the circles that they had placed on the floor. As I was called over to the next cash register, the cashier asked me to wait for one second as she wiped down the surface of the check register. We were separated by a huge clear plastic separator that had a little opening on the bottom. I slid my clothes under the the opening as the cashier checked out my items.

Many stores followed a similar procedure. So if or when you decide to go to the mall, be aware of all the work that the employees are going through to keep you and their staff safe. Grab your most stylish face mask and go support your local retail stores during this crazy time!


Created with images by Krisztina Papp - "untitled image" • Alexander Kovacs - "Grand opening of Courage Mode in Widnau. New outlet for clothes and shoes. " • Kelly Sikkema - "Hands and hand sanitizer pump" • Nick de Partee - "Unsplash Photo Walk Portland" • Vera Davidova - "Home made face masks"