Non-Fiction By: kolby Jahnsen

Non-fiction books come in many different types. Maybe it's an autobiography or a book about history it's non-fiction!
All non-fiction books are based on fact, not opinion. Things like biographies or things about history is mostly all good. Notice how I said mostly, you can find a lot of books that say that are all fact but have opinion based articles.
Non-fiction text often includes things such as Table of Contents, Headings, Bold Words, Captions, Photographs, Graphs, Charts, Illustrations, Glossary, and a Index. They aren't required but most include them.

Most children don't like non-fiction text because of the facts and the fact that there's no story telling. While adults tend to enjoy non-fiction because they get to learn about the world around them.

This is one of my favorite non-fiction text. It talks about Jackie's life and his nine values that he lives by. It has many inspirational quotes and it's a great feel good book. While this is a non-fictional text it is set up differently than most. It just goes to show how non-fiction can be so different.
If you've ever read out of a text book than you've read a text book then you should be familiar with non-fiction text! Many people hate reading this but none the less you have read non-fiction.
Fiction is not real! Though it might be based on real events it still holds opinion or fake events. While non-fiction has fact that has been proven. The best way to look at it is fiction is false and non-fiction and true!

Through this slide we have determined that that non-fiction text is based on facts and comes in many different shapes and sizes.

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