About Me 2.0 Justin Badillo

Born and raised in the Urban city New Bedford , MA, the once whaling city.

New Bedford at sea~

I am Puerto Rican, German, and Cape Verdean. This makes me welcoming when in my classroom, especially with the large amounts of ELL students I currently have. This makes me relate to these students, even if a little as many of them are Puerto Rican, or mixed with some other heritage. 

Photos of Puerto Rico, Cape Verde, and Germany!! Places I need to visit ASAP!

I am also out to all of my students! I am a proud supporter of LGBT rights, and am a gay male myself!! This is another way I know my students are comfortable and feel safe when in my class as they know I would never judge them for being different in any way!

LGBT flag and American flag, both represent me!

Dropping out in high school is something I wish never happened, but helped shape the educator I am today. I can now connect with struggling students in my classroom, and have conversations with them and frequent check ins that could save them from making the same mistake!!!

Getting a diploma is what I want all of my students to obtain, so they can have a fighting chance for a successful life.


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