Presbyterian Religion by: sarah, sidney, patrick


  • Where: England
  • When: 16th century
  • Why: differences in ideas
  • Differences: the minister is not a priest; the bread and wine SYMBOLICALLY represent the
  • body and blood of Christ; there is no sacrifice of Christ on any altar; the faithful receive Christ by faith, not physically
  • How it's changed: some of the first immigrants in America were Presbyterian. The Presbyterian ministers had a meeting in 1706 in Philadelphia, forming the first presbytery in the New World. There was division and disagreements in the 19th century over theology and government, and slavery. There have been many side groups of Presbyterian. The largest is the Presbyterian Church, with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. As of 2012, there were 1.8 million members in the Presbyterian Church, along with 10,000 congregations, and 20,000 ordained and active ministers.

Current Facts

  • Number of Churches in USA~9,642
  • Number of Adherents in USA~1,572,660
  • Largest Population in USA is in~Pennsylvania with 388,774 members. Yet the Presbyterian Church is still the fourth largest religious body in the state.
  • Is the Denomination Growing~ No the religion is Decreasing in size.
  • Presbyterians formed the fastest-growing religious group in the eighteenth century, primarily because of the large influx of Irish immigrants.

Compare & Contrast

Presbyterian v Catholic: Different

  • Presbyterians do not see the Eucharist as the true body and blood of Jesus Christ. They see it as a symbol of Jesus’ presence but not the true body and blood. Catholics believe that the bread and wine truly change into the body and blood of Jesus.
  • Presbyterians do not use the term ‘altar’ because Jesus’ sacrifice ended when he died on the cross. They use the term “communion table” because they do not want to refer to jesus’ sacrifice again.
  • The Presbyterian church follows a council called the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council while Catholics follow the pope.

Presbyterian v Catholic: Same

  • Both Catholics and Presbyterians worship Jesus as the savior and Messiah sent by God
  • Both religions use the same Bible and their faith is centered around the Bible
  • Both religions see baptism as an important sacrament in their religion

The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton, Ohio

  • Founded in 1983 by sisters after the schism between the UPUSA Church and Presbyterian church
  • Their mission: to be the heart of church in the heart of a city
  • Called to lead people to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20)
  • Called to serve their community
  • Welcoming to all people
  • Phone: (513) 867-5411
  • Address: 23 S Front St, Hamilton, OH 45011
Created By
Sidney Sanders


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