Superintendent's Notes February 5, 2021

Remember #grace when we started the school year? Please remember to give yourself some grace when you are discouraged by your inner voice. Our inner voice sometimes makes us over think things, undermines the value that others see in us, and causes self-doubt. WE HAVE JUST COMPLETED 100 DAYS OF SCHOOL! This is quite an accomplishment! I am convinced we will one day look back at this year, reflect, and be able to list a million things we learned as we navigated a pandemic. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for one amazing year so far and GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE! You are all doing a GREAT job! Keep it up Sandites!

Celebrations ensued across the district on the 100th Day of School. We were able to catch some students celebrating at a couple of our elementary sites. Pratt held a 100 Day Fashion Show with Kindergarten and 1st Grade. The video of the show is the best! At Northwoods Fine Arts Academy, Ms. Webster's class of 5th graders were mentoring Ms. Olivares' Kindergarteners by counting 100 fruit loops and discovering the COMBINED total of school days for all the students in the group!

Nothing like 5th graders mentoring Kindergarteners! Great job Northwoods!
Of course you need a 'red carpet' to show off your 100 Days of School attire!
100 Days of School at ECEC!
These smarties also know that on the 100th day of school, there are 75 instructional days left!! Great job Garfield 1st grade!

This week is Counselor Appreciation Week! We are thankful for each and every counselor who pours their heart and soul into our students! If you haven't taken the time yet, reach out to your site counselor today and give them a big high five for their critical work!

We are saddened to report that our own Sean Parker, SSPS Transportation Director, has accepted an IT position at Owasso Public Schools. While we wish Mr. Parker the very best, he will be missed here in Sand Springs. If you get a chance, send him a note of congratulations. The posting for a new director is up on the Sandite website and we will be starting the interview process VERY soon! Thank you Mr. Parker for your dedication to our Sandites over the past several years!

The fabulous team at Angus Valley Elementary School below celebrated with Matthew Esparza, one of the coolest 5th graders I know, when he received his NEW WHEEL CHAIR! Boy, is he going to be independently mobile now! Big shout out to Ms. Dawn Youngblood who provided training to the staff on the mechanics of operating the new chair!

Last night was basketball homecoming for the Sandite Basketball Teams. Both teams walked away with a victory, always great at HOCO! And, the half-time festivities were amazing. Congratulations to Darrian Jordan, the 2021 Basketball Homecoming Queen! Also, Marlo Fox scored his 1000th Sandite point with his first shot of the game. Check out the video of Marlow! Congratulations Marlo!

Congratulations to Reese David and Caleb Graham (pictured below) for their outstanding performance at the annual Missouri Welding Institute Welding Competition. Reese placed 1st and Caleb placed 10th! Way to represent Sand Springs FFA. We are proud of you!

Congratulations to Reese David and Caleb Graham for their outstanding performance at the annual Missouri Welding Institute Welding Competition. Reese placed 1st and Caleb placed 10th! Way to represent Sand Springs FFA. We are proud of you!

Congratulations to the Charles Page High School Yearbook Staff for receiving 1st PLACE recognition in the category of Cover/First Impression. This group works extremely hard producing a yearbook that has award-winning status, but more importantly, holds precious memories for years to come! Thank you Ms. Amy Pennington for your tremendous efforts! Great job!!

Garfield STEAM Academy has a Gotcha Store for the shopping pleasure of students who have accumulated "gotchas" for doing something good! Below is a crew of Kindergarteners who, while sporting their 100 Days of School hats, have just shopped for prizes for being all around great kids!! Ms. Jillian Martin, one of the students, was even kind enough to offer this Superintendent her purchase! While it was completely tempting to take the colorful bouncy ball home with me, I convinced Jillian her mom would really want to see it! Great students INSPIRING HEARTS!

Thanks to Ms. Kaelie Wessel, counselor at Garfield, for humoring me with a photo!

Sandite Early Learning Center is having a SUCCESSFUL year! We are so proud of our staff and the dedication they have to our youngest Sandites! We still have open spots available IMMEDIATELY for any staff member who may be interested. Check out the sweet photos below!

New touch screen Chromebooks in Ms. Mariann Tucker's first grade class at Pratt were put to good use this week! These young Sandites are becoming pros at accessing digital curriculum that supplements and reinforces newly learned content.

Admin quarantines left the two gentlemen below "holding down the fort' at Clyde Boyd Middle School for a few days. Thanks to Mr. Austin Brown, Mr. Coy Caviness, the CBMS teachers, and staff for making sure things ran like clockwork. It's always a great day to be a Sandite, especially at Clyde Boyd!

And, yes, they did miss the rest of the team!
I captured this simple picture with my phone a week or so ago. I don't know about the rest of you but I LOVE rainbows. They are great reminders that stormy/rainy days don't last forever! Neither do pandemics by the way!!
By the way, this really has happened to me!

Keep things in perspective and remember: it is definitely good for the soul to laugh a little! GEt some rest this weekend! ~Sherry