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Nature on Display

The whole concept of the Butterfly Exhibit is wonderful and beautiful; it literally throws you into this beautiful nature preserve meant specifically for the preservation of butterflies. It is so easy to appreciate the value of nature when it is so well kept all around you. Nine immersed in that environment, surrounded by natural beauty and butterflies, is a next-level experience for anyone.

Nature and Ethics

The exhibit on native Floridian Seminoles and fishing describes the "Nature and Ethics" portion of the project. Fishing in modern times is purely for sport, and those who side with PETA can see this as ethically wrong for it hurts the fish and is not necessary for survival. For native Floridian Seminoles, though, fishing was a way of life and means of survival. The museum created a larger-than-life exhibit that immerses you under water and explains the biodiversity.

Nature and Human Spirit

Although these are animal fossils, I believe these fossils help us humans to connect to a time that spans back thousands of years. This can help lead up to believe how little we are in the big picture, in a sense that we are not the center of the universe. Time will continue to move on with us and without, so what matter does it make to put precedence on little things in life that cause us harm? Looking back at this world that these fossils create make me really that life is precious and ever-changing. It is a unique gift, life, and we are blessed to live in a world of adaptation.
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