S.VERPAALEN Honors art iii portafolio

A Beautiful Day

Who am I?

I am Sebastian, I am currently in Art III Honors, and this year we have worked on many different projects. We had to work on two projects ourselves, and we also worked on a group puppet show. I have learned how to become a better artist, as well as a more creative person. Here are some of the projects that I have worked on this year.

ART III Honors Project 3

Ignorance Painting


I was inspired to create this painting by the concept of global warming and climate change. I believe that global warming is is caused by people, and it is not simply and effect of a natural cooling and heating cycle; it is caused by the millions of tons of greenhouse gases that we release into the atmosphere every year.


I began with drawing my artwork onto the canvas and I used different colors of acrylic paint to highlight and shade different areas of the painting.

This is a progress image from when I first started to work on this painting. I began by first drawing the general concept of the art work.

This was one of the original sketches that I made for this artwork.

Art21 Artists

My artist from Art21 for this project is Robert Adams. He is a photographer that has taken photos the American West over time in order to demonstrate how the environment has been affected by man made pollution over time.

From the Missouri West by Robert Adams

This work displays the land that was rearranged in order to provide room for construction. It is very similar to my artwork in the sense that Adams was trying to raise awareness of a troubled environment.

From the Missouri West, photograph, Robert Adams, 1978

Artist from History

My artist from history is Gustave Moreau. He was a symbolistic painter that lived from 1826-1888. His artwork is very similar to mine since we both try to display some sort of meaning with our work.

Jupiter and Semele by Gustave Moreau, oil canvas, 1895

This painting by Gustave Moreau is very similar to mine since he uses lots of details to display the symbolic effect he wants the viewer to see. He also puts the most symbolic part of his work directly in the middle of his painting; just like I did in my painting.

ART III Puppet Show

These are some photos of the puppet show that we had, this show was meant to help fund money for an the LIV organization in South Africa. It was based on the tale of a baby lion that is captured in Brazil and then released in the grasslands of South Africa. My painting that was displayed above was used in show. My job in the show was to create the father lion, I along with my group created this lion using cardboard, hot glue and tape. Then we used paper mache and paint to finish up creating the details.

The man shown above was an artist named Donovan who helped us in the production.
This was the wise elephant god, a few friends of mine and I carried this puppet during the show, as well as the mantis.
This is a photo of the final scene of the show.
These are my friends and I, I am standing in the middle.

ART III Project 1

With this art work I at first wanted to paint the snowy mountains, then I was inspired to paint the African Savannah. I had already painted over the mountains and the grass area in blue, yet that actually made the painting look better when I added other colors.This project then correlated with the show that we had, and then my teacher, Ms.Burwell, decided to have it be part of the show.

This is an image of the final project.


For my process, I started by sketching out my work onto the canvas. Then I used Acrylic to go over it. I used lighter and darker shades of different colors in order to highlight and shade different areas of the painting.

This is a progress image of when I had just started to paint over it in other colors other than blue.

Art21 Artist

For this project we had to go to the Art21 website and find an artist from Art21 that somehow related to the theme of our artwork. I chose an artist named Kara Walker, since used a similar theme to my project, since we both used realism, and nature in our artwork.

Kara Walker is an African American woman who creates contemporary artwork, in order to express her ideas on race, gender, and other discriminative ideals.

Crest of Pine Mountain, Where General West Fell" by Kara Walker

It is a lithograph that was made by Kara Walker in 2005. It was made over a white screen print. It has a similar background to my artwork, and it displays the grass and trees painted in a similar way that I painted them.

Artist from History

My artist from history is Gustave Courbet. He was a Realist painter that lived form 1819 and was buried in 1919. He painted lots of his using a Realism approach, just like I did in this painting.

A Hut in the Mountains, by Gustave Courbet, 1874; oil canvas

This painting made by Gustave Courbet is very similar to my panting, in the sense that we both have the mountains as the backdrop of our paining; whereas the center idea remains in the front of the painting. We also used very similar brush stroke techniques to paint the grass and trees in our paintings. We also both had our mountains wrap around our artwork.

ART III Independent Work

Christmas Joy

This is my independent work, it was a painting that I made into a key chain holder. It was meant to be a secret santa gift, so I wanted to make it useful as well as a nice work of art. I decided to make it christmas themed, so that it would accompany the christmas environment.


For my process I just used paper mache to go over a wooden plank, then I painted the artwork over the plank. I proceeded to screw in three hooks, and then I added some gold on the sides as a finishing touch. I used various different shades of acrylic in order to shade and highlight the painting the way I wanted to.

Artist Statement

This year in ART III Honors, I learned many things; such as how to create an amazing puppet from scratch using just cardboard glue and paint basically. I also learned how to be part of a production, a production that helped hundreds of kids in South Africa have another meal. I also learned how to work better with other artists on big projects. I discovered the art world of symbolism and how I can make a statement with my brush and some paint. This class has really expanded my artistic as well as creative boundaries and has helped me become a better artist and person.


This acrylic painting was based on the idea of global warming and climate change.

Christmas Joy

This painting was turned into a key chain holder, since it was meant to be a secret santa gift.

Created By
Sebastian Verpaalen


Created with images by Petrina Hu - "Jungle" • Pascal-Laurent - "sunrise snow mountain" • Leon Civale - "Jungle" • fusion-of-horizons - "Nessebar -St. Stephen Church [11th to 13th century]" • akk_rus - "Maria Wörth"

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