Chemistry By: Eldred

Chemistry, a science experiment involving different liquids, like in real labs they work on dangerous things, such as: Corrosive Acid, Liquid Nitrogen, and other things.

Chemistry Sets were made so kids can play with different things and mix them, and have lots of fun and see how chemistry labs can sorta be like if they were in them.

As you saw on the video above, its very important to be safe in a chemistry lab, of course they didn't use real Sulfuric acid or real blood, but it was real fire, of course they showed us your suppose to be very safe in a chemistry lab, so you won't be harmed or melted like how that guy would've if that was real Sulfuric Acid.

If you want to work in a chemistry lab, make sure you know about safety and other things so you don't get hurt, and of course, have fun!


Created with images by ost2 - "lab chemistry research" • oskay - "Vintage Chemistry Sets 33"

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